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If you'd like to support friendly Tarot blogging, please consider visiting and subscribing to our group blog Thematic Tarot--but, most especially, take a few minutes to comment on the posts.

Thematic Black 600

Website: We can dispel competition and hostility in the online Tarot world by supporting group efforts like this. (I'm the founder/Editor-in-Chief). Our bloggers are Teresa Mills, Lisa Frideborg, Angie, myself, Mr. Ron (my darling artist husband!).

Thematic Square 200Do you have some wisdom, tidbits, exercises, reviews, deck interviews or insights to share about Tarot? Send me an email at and we'll see about you joining the Thematic Tarot team. :o) I'll just need a headshot of your purdy face (or a representational avatar), brief bio, a few writing samples and your preferred email address (so I can send you a TypePad invite for you to start blogging immediately). 

We also have a secret FB group for our bloggers--just for support, ideas and camraderie--should you wish to join it, too. 

Wait...are you still here? Get your butt over to Thematic Tarot to read all the awesome posts there and to leave a comment on your favorite ones. ::wink:: 

-- Janet


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