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Brave New Year - My Three Words

Last year, I signed up for Chris Brogan's Brave New Year program. A part of the process involves picking three words as themes for the upcoming year.

I had a very hard time coming up with mine last year. I mean, I did...but they rang hollow. (And I really thought long and hard, too!). Maybe it's because 2014 was sort of a "flux" year for me?

But this year, I started thinking of My Three Words for 2015 in November (thanks to Chris's email)--and they came almost immediately. 

More importantly, they resonated.

3 words 500

These three words/phrases have been my guiding principles for the last month. My husband reminds me of them all the time (as he should!). I even used one tonight:


We were at IHOP and I was craving something spicy. The Chorizo Fiesta Omelette caught my eye but I started rationalizing why I shouldn't order it. C'mon. It's IHOP. How good can they do Mexican...even if it is chorizo?

I almost played it safe with the spinach and mushroom omelette with hollandaise sauce--but I said aloud "No. I am going to experiment! I am going to order the Chorizo Fiesta Omelette!"

Now, you may think "Oh, big deal. She ordered a different omelette..."

Let me tell you something: how you live and decide in the small moments is usually how you live and decide in the big ones.

Needless to say, the omelette was delicious. The chili citrus sauce really made it.

And I'm happy that I picked these three simple-sounding-on-the-surface words for 2015:

Lighten Up.



Because, Baby, I got some amazing things to accomplish in 2015--including being the best version of my Self (a big kid). 

What might your Three Words for 2015 be? Do share them with me! 

By the way, here's my theme song for 2015. I'd rather be counting stars than dollas...

-- Janet

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Close Up
The Boyer Family wishes you a blessed, peaceful, healthy, safe and joyous Christmas--and hopes for a wonderful 2015. 

And thank you to my friends and fans for your love, encouragement and support this year. It's appreciated more than you know!

-- Janet

Willow Merrymoon's 3-Card Coffee Tarot Reading

One of the beloved owners of our Coffee Tarot, Willow Merrymoon, performed a 3-card Reading with our deck.  She shared it with our secret Coffee Tarot Club and, with her permission, I now share it with you. Enjoy!

Willow coffee reading

1. THE BEAN - You've got the bean, the whole bean and nothing but the bean! Sheer, uncontaminated possibilities. So what is the gift that you've been given that has so many possibilities? What are your options? Are you prepared to take the risk, make the leap of faith and try out something new? A coffee bean has been growing, and nurtured to the point where it's now ready to be changed into that which brings pleasure to many (and jitters to a few!). In other words, your gift is ready to go. Put it off no longer. So what will it be...a brand new blend...a coffee cocktail...the coffee essence that is uniquely you!

2. WORLD CAFE - The heady aroma of coffee is flooding your senses - it's all there for your enjoyment, coffee at its most satisfying. Is there something around you/in your possession/experience/within your grasp, yet you're just not appreciating what you've got? Maybe you need to take enough time to stop and notice what it is. Sometimes we're so busy looking for the next thing, or for better and better that we miss what's right under our nose. And remember - what someone else poo-poos might be perfect for you. Whilst your neighbour may be mad about espresso, you could be deliriously happy with a frothy cappuccino. Stop, and allow yourself to experience the moment in all its fullness.

3. WAKE UP CALL - This is the kind of coffee that bites back, as I like to put it. In other words, one mouthful and you know you've had coffee! Life, fate, call it what you will, is delivering you a message that you really have no choice but to hear. Whatever you've 'put into hibernation', tried to bury, is coming back to life and you must deal with it. However scary or annoying it might seem, the only thing to do is to bite the bullet. Ignoring the issue just won't work any more, and once its faced and dealt with, it ain't gonna come knocking on your door again. You will be left with a clear conscience and feel you've shaken off that leaden feeling, just like when a strong coffee clears the brain and fuels you ready to go.

What do you see in this 3-Card Spread, dear readers? (And thanks, Willow, for sharing this awesome interpretation with us!)

By the way, there's only three Coffee Tarot decks left (signed, numbered Limited Edition Majors-Only). Visit Coffee.Tarot to snag yous before they're all gone. 

-- Janet

New Year, New You

I've just published my most personal book to date: New Year, New You. At almost 41,000 words (about the length of my Tarot in Reverse), I share my secrets for healing, as well as methods for increasing peace, balance, harmony, confidence and resilience. 

New Year 500

Here's the description of New Year, New You--as well as the Table of Contents:

Author Janet Boyer has endured—and triumphed over—abuse, bullying, a bus accident that almost left her crippled for life, widowhood, gender discrimination, organizational boycotting, stalking, slander and her only son’s Autism spectrum diagnosis at age four. Now a bestselling author, Hall of Fame Reviewer (there’s only 135), motivational writer, oracle creator, popular radio guest (including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory), Tarot pioneer and award-winning cook—as well as a beloved wife (seventeen years with her second husband) and homeschooling Mom (her son is doing great!)—Janet brings you many of the practices and approaches that have led to her personal and professional success in her eBook New Year, New You. 

More important than any “success” she’s achieved, however, is the confidence, enthusiasm, optimism, passion, balance and peace of mind she has gained by applying what’s in this eBook. 

And now, so can you. 



Chapter 1: Know Thyself (Who Are You?) 

Archetypes (What Story Are You Living?) 
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Keirsey (16 Types) 
The Enneagram (9 Types) 
ANSIR (3 Sides of You: 14 Styles and 1 “Boss”) 

Chapter 2: Clarifying What You Want (Values and Self-Defined Success) 

What Do YOU Value? (Your Values vs. Their Values) 
Making Decisions Based on YOUR Values 
Writing Exercise 
Collage Exercise 
Mission Statement, Theme for the Year and Your “Three Words” 

Chapter 3: Time Management 

Spending Time Inventory (Where Does Your Time Go?) 
10 Tips for Time Management 

Chapter 4: Stress Relief 

The Four Kinds of Stress (The Good, Bad and Ugly) 
Vitamins and Herbs 
Exercise and Movement (Time to Get a Move On) 
Myofascial Release and Other Modalities (More than Relaxing Muscles) 
Laughter (The Best Medicine?) 
Caffeine (Watch Out for the Caffiend!) 
Sleep (You’re Not Getting Enough) 
Preparing Your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep (Yes, You Can!) 

Chapter 5: Aromatherapy 

13 Essential Oils (Aroma, Uses and Cautions) 
Aromatherapy Basics 
Bath Salts Recipe 
Bath Oil Recipe 

Chapter 6: Introduction to Bach Flower Essences 

Rescue Remedy (When Catastrophe Strikes) 
The 38 Bach Flower Essences and What They Treat (Emotional Balance) 

Chapter 7: Feng Shui 

The 9 Celestial Cures (For Every Dwelling) 
A 10th Cure? (Could Be!) 

Chapter 8: A Check-Up from the Neck Up 

Perspective is Everything (Why Your Thoughts Matter) 
Over-thinking and Worry (It Can Kill You) 
Optimism and Pessimism (Half Full Is Always Best) 
Pessimism (The Depression Link) 

Chapter 9: Unforgiveness and Bitterness 

How to Forgive 
Why People Don’t Choose to Forgive 
10 Ways to Cultivate Forgiveness 

Chapter 10: On the Home Front (Getting Your “House” In Order) 

Take an Inventory (Spring Clean Your Life) 
The “Rooms” of Life 
The Game Room (The Importance of Play 
The Living Room (Relationships and Family) 
The Kitchen (Healthful Eating) 
The Library (Mental Stimulation) 
The Bedroom (Sexuality and Intimacy) 
The Yard (Easy Makeovers and Pampering) 
The Five Love Languages (Lost in Translation?) 
The Five Love Languages of Children 
How to Fight Fair 
Parenting – 10 Ways to Be a Better Parent 

Chapter 11: Dealing with Grief (The Five Stages) 

Chapter 12: Spiritual Crisis (Dark Night of the Soul) 

Chapter 13: Spiritual Health and Inspiration 

Meditation and Inspiration 
The Importance of Childlikeness (A Spiritual Essay) 
An Attitude of Gratitude 
The God of Your Understanding 
The Chakras (Energy Vortices That Regulate our Life) 
Journey of Souls (Life Purpose and Soul Lessons) 
Six-Sensory Living 

Chapter 14: 100 Life Tips and Perspectives (Hard-Won Lessons) 



New Year, New You is available on Kindle here and on Smashwords here. (Note: you don't have to have a Kindle to read my eBook; you can download the free desktop app here, as well as for your iDevice or other android.) 

10 Questions for Tarotist Angie Turner

Angie Pic

What’s your favorite breakfast food? Coffee and cheesecake!

Book you’d like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? The Bible—particularly the New Testament to see what Jesus REALLY said.

What makes you laugh? My kids. They're a silly bunch.

Song that never gets old: Worth Fighting For” by Judas Priest.  Especially the acoustic version of the song.

Drink of choice: Coffee!

Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold.  I can put on enough to get warm, but can't take off enough to get cool.

Mountain, beach, desert or forest? Forest.  I pretty much live in one now.  :-)

Favorite color? Blue.

Best movie line:  The one I quote most often is from the original Robocop: "I'd buy THAT for a dollar!

Last thing you splurged on? New perfume.  I'll wear cheap clothes, but I want expensive perfume and expensive coffee.  ;-)

Bonus Q: If you could sit down to dinner with any famous metal band, who would it be?  Judas Priest!  My favorite band of all time.  

Angie Turner has been reading and studying the Tarot for 45 of her 57 years. She has also studied many other forms of divination from astrology to zoomantia (divination by the movement or behavior of animals, if you didn't already know). She has always been interested in the mystical and magical and expects to continue being interested in the future.

In addition to her occult studies, Angie is also a wife, a mother of 7, foster mom of 2, grandmother of 4, cat mom of 12 and has been neighborhood mom to many. (One of her foster kids gave her the nickname “Cosmic Mom”, because she was a mother figure to so many.) Angie is a redhead, a metalhead, a writer of fan fiction and the world's oldest Nerd Girl.

If you would like a reading from Angie, you can reach her on Facebook at or at Your first reading is only $10. She looks forward to hearing from you.

Blurbs vs. Reviews - What's the Difference?

Poignant large

There's a big difference between blurbs and reviews, although the line often gets muddied (intentionally)--especially with skyrocketing citizen reviews and self-published authors.

Here's the lowdown on the difference between a blurb and a review:

Blurb - Definition: A blurb is a short summary or promotional piece accompanying a creative work. The word was coined in 1907 by American humorist Gelett Burgess (1866–1951).[1] It may refer to the text on the back of a book but can also be seen on DVD and video cases, web portals and news websites. A blurb may introduce a newspaper or magazine feature story.

Blurbs are basically promos--teasers that get you to buy or click. The "praise" you see on an author's book jacket or website? Those famous authors raving are usually colleagues from the same publishing house! Or, friends of the author. Nothing wrong with that, of course...except, many readers think those glowing raves are independent, objective reviews. As in, famous author just happened upon the manuscript of the book in question...and fired off a testimonial. Doesn't work that way. In fact, I had someone high up in publishing tell me that authors write blurbs all the time for fellow writers--without even reading the book! (I can attest to this: I asked a famous author to blurb my first book, Back in Time Tarot--and he told me to "Just write what I wanted and sign his name.")

NEGATORY. Not on my books, anyway...

So, fellow authors, if a colleague asks for a blurb...that's what the request is all about. And, once he/she submits a blurb, please don't call it a "review". It's not. It's a courtesy. 

Love Hate SmallerReview - Definition (mine): Critical assessment of a book, movie, play, CD or other product. Notice the word "critical" there. This means an actual evaluation--one that doesn't have a vested interest in whether the product sells or doesn't. Did you know this is one reason that the FCC required reviewers to start disclosing freebies received in exchange for reviews?

In their minds, getting free products may very well be an incentive to write a glowing, rave review. Why? Because the same publisher and manufacturer will keep sending them free goodies!

This is rampant in online Tarot reviewing. I know of five (yes, five)  Tarot deck "reviewers" who get free decks from a major publisher--and always (I mean, always) write 5-star reviews for those decks (or post giddy videos of their new acquistions). In fact, two of the women (maybe more) actually work for the publisher, behind the scene, as social media gals who contribute/run the blog and FB accounts.

Nice, huh? So much for transparency...which is why the FCC had to step in. (But, as you probably noticed, many reviewers--especially in the Tarot world--don't disclose that they regularly get decks for free...despite the fact that the law requires it.)

The major publishers of Tarot decks won't even send me review copies anymore becuase they know they can't buy me (in terms of getting a 5-star gushing review)--not even when I was on one of the pub's payroll!

How to spot a "real" review on Amazon? Check out my post 5 Ways to Spot a Trustworthy Review at this link

So, don't buy the hype...and think for yourself. 

-- Janet

Cyber Sale! Snowland Deck, Coffee Tarot, eBooks and Snowland Bracelets

Finally got our Cyber Sale page up! Click here to see all the discounts we have (until December 3rd, 2014). You'll find:

EBooks Montage

eBooks include my brand new eBook, Divination: History, Methods and Uses!


Bracelet Montage


Coffee Montage White


Snowland montage white


-- Janet

50% Off Zazzle Ornaments

Just got an email that Zazzle is offering 50% off ornaments from 7 PM EST to 7 AM EST! Use code HOLIDAYTREAT. Our ornaments are at this link, BUT if you want me to make one using ANY of Ron's art (including images from either Snowland Deck, Coffee Tarot or Cosmic Flux Tarot...just let me know ASAP). 


-- Janet

Cosmic Faery's Tarot Moon Journal 2015

Last year, I bought Cosmic Faery's Tarot Moon Journal and loved it! Finally got around to buying her 2015 edition:

Tarot moon journal

You can find out more about her lovely journal and get a sneak peek at this link. To buy it directly, click here (it's £5.00 GBP or $8.08 U.S.). 

Was thrilled to see the Beginnings image from our Snowland Deck in there, as well as Wake Up Call from our Coffee Tarot! (Thanks, Christiane! Another bang-up job on the Tarot Moon Journal, doll.)

-- Janet