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Brave New Year - My Three Words

Last year, I signed up for Chris Brogan's Brave New Year program. A part of the process involves picking three words as themes for the upcoming year.

I had a very hard time coming up with mine last year. I mean, I did...but they rang hollow. (And I really thought long and hard, too!). Maybe it's because 2014 was sort of a "flux" year for me?

But this year, I started thinking of My Three Words for 2015 in November (thanks to Chris's email)--and they came almost immediately. 

More importantly, they resonated.

3 words 500

These three words/phrases have been my guiding principles for the last month. My husband reminds me of them all the time (as he should!). I even used one tonight:


We were at IHOP and I was craving something spicy. The Chorizo Fiesta Omelette caught my eye but I started rationalizing why I shouldn't order it. C'mon. It's IHOP. How good can they do Mexican...even if it is chorizo?

I almost played it safe with the spinach and mushroom omelette with hollandaise sauce--but I said aloud "No. I am going to experiment! I am going to order the Chorizo Fiesta Omelette!"

Now, you may think "Oh, big deal. She ordered a different omelette..."

Let me tell you something: how you live and decide in the small moments is usually how you live and decide in the big ones.

Needless to say, the omelette was delicious. The chili citrus sauce really made it.

And I'm happy that I picked these three simple-sounding-on-the-surface words for 2015:

Lighten Up.



Because, Baby, I got some amazing things to accomplish in 2015--including being the best version of my Self (a big kid). 

What might your Three Words for 2015 be? Do share them with me! 

By the way, here's my theme song for 2015. I'd rather be counting stars than dollas...

-- Janet



I really like this idea, and your word choices. I will have to consider what mine would be. Loved your story, and example about IHOP, and the decision your made, based on your "words".
Very insightful.


Janet Boyer

Thank you! Do share yours with us when you discover them :o)

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