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Merry Christmas!

Christmas Close Up
The Boyer Family wishes you a blessed, peaceful, healthy, safe and joyous Christmas--and hopes for a wonderful 2015. 

And thank you to my friends and fans for your love, encouragement and support this year. It's appreciated more than you know!

-- Janet


Elizabeth Howe

Merry Christmas! Peace, joy, love, and all the beautiful gifts of this season to you and your family.

Janet Boyer

Thank you so much, Elizabeth. XO Can you believe we were ALL sick for the holidays? I'm still not 100%. How was your Christmas?

May you have a wonderful 2015!

Elizabeth Howe

This is not a generous time of the year to be sick... My Christmas was peaceful. Happy New Year, and may you find both inspiration and stamina in 2015!

Janet Boyer

Thanks heaps, Elizabeth. :o) One day at a time!

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