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Willow Merrymoon's 3-Card Coffee Tarot Reading

One of the beloved owners of our Coffee Tarot, Willow Merrymoon, performed a 3-card Reading with our deck.  She shared it with our secret Coffee Tarot Club and, with her permission, I now share it with you. Enjoy!

Willow coffee reading

1. THE BEAN - You've got the bean, the whole bean and nothing but the bean! Sheer, uncontaminated possibilities. So what is the gift that you've been given that has so many possibilities? What are your options? Are you prepared to take the risk, make the leap of faith and try out something new? A coffee bean has been growing, and nurtured to the point where it's now ready to be changed into that which brings pleasure to many (and jitters to a few!). In other words, your gift is ready to go. Put it off no longer. So what will it be...a brand new blend...a coffee cocktail...the coffee essence that is uniquely you!

2. WORLD CAFE - The heady aroma of coffee is flooding your senses - it's all there for your enjoyment, coffee at its most satisfying. Is there something around you/in your possession/experience/within your grasp, yet you're just not appreciating what you've got? Maybe you need to take enough time to stop and notice what it is. Sometimes we're so busy looking for the next thing, or for better and better that we miss what's right under our nose. And remember - what someone else poo-poos might be perfect for you. Whilst your neighbour may be mad about espresso, you could be deliriously happy with a frothy cappuccino. Stop, and allow yourself to experience the moment in all its fullness.

3. WAKE UP CALL - This is the kind of coffee that bites back, as I like to put it. In other words, one mouthful and you know you've had coffee! Life, fate, call it what you will, is delivering you a message that you really have no choice but to hear. Whatever you've 'put into hibernation', tried to bury, is coming back to life and you must deal with it. However scary or annoying it might seem, the only thing to do is to bite the bullet. Ignoring the issue just won't work any more, and once its faced and dealt with, it ain't gonna come knocking on your door again. You will be left with a clear conscience and feel you've shaken off that leaden feeling, just like when a strong coffee clears the brain and fuels you ready to go.

What do you see in this 3-Card Spread, dear readers? (And thanks, Willow, for sharing this awesome interpretation with us!)

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-- Janet


Elizabeth Howe

If I were to look at this as Past, Present, and Future; I would say whatever Willow started (Bean) has completed (World Cafe). There's a game-changer coming up ahead -- a BIG one (Wake Up Call). I think completing the cycle (From Bean to World Cafe) has simply been the windup to the Wake Up Call that's coming. I recommend not trying to take charge in this situation. Use that Bean energy to navigate what's coming up. You will be FINE. There was termite damage in those crumbling walls. You were going to have to replace them anyway.

Janet Boyer

Ohhhh, great insights, Elizabeth!

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