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The Bone from the Boyer Charming Oracle

Here's THE BONE from our Boyer Charming Oracle.

Bone charm smaller

Keywords: Basics; Stripped Down; Structure; Support; Uncomplicated; Simple.

Tarot Card Association: 3 of Coins

Questions to Answer:

This charm reminds me of __________.
I would expect to draw this when _________.
I would be surprised/confused if this came up for ________. 
Phrases that include this symbol/motif: 
Songs that include this symbol/motif: 
Stories, movies or books about this symbol/motif: 

What would it mean if this charm came up for:

Spiritual Growth

Charming With URL 500

Feel free to share your insights in the comments section below! Don't have your set of charms yet? Good news! We're doing a second run of our Boyer Charming Oracle (will be shipping out this week or next--waiting for more charms to arrive all the way from the UK). Find out more at

-- Janet


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