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10 Questions for Tarotist Christiane Hayes


What’s your favorite breakfast food? Porridge. I’ve been eating it for years every morning and surprisingly haven’t got sick of it yet. I tend to mix it with chopped nuts, golden linseeds, a bit of brown sugar and milk. Sometimes I also add raspberries or blueberries. Yum.

Book you’d like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? It has to be Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s spiritual, inspirational and made me feel elated. If you’re going through a rough time, this book may help you to keep going with optimism and find happiness again.

What makes you laugh? Grumpy cat. The Simpsons. The Addams Family and The Munsters—kind of black, creepy, wicked humour. Ted (that dirty little bear had me in stitches). Political satire such as Private Eye magazine and Charlie Brooker’s TV Wipe. Camp talk shows like Graham Norton and Alan Carr Chatty Man.

Song that never gets old:  Wow, so many, but today I choose David Bowie’s Heroes, the English/German version. In 1987, he sang that song live in Berlin on stage next to the Berlin Wall. The sound was so loud, the people in the East could hear it. Two years later, the wall came down. Yay!

Drink of choice:  Coffee by day, red wine by night, in between water and herbal tea.

Would you rather be hot or cold? I’d rather be hot and just lie down and do nothing. Feeling cold is horrendous. I know, because my central heating once packed in for a week during winter…no hot water either. It felt like I’d been thrown into an apocalyptic survival story.

Mountain, beach, desert, or forest? I love trees, so it has to be the forest. It’s magickal. Reminds me of fairies, hobbits, witches and the Gruffalo. I do enjoy mountains and beaches, too, but I’m not fond of deserts at all.

Favorite color?  Purple. Also, dark reds and deep pinks mixed with black.

Best movie line: “I see dead people” from The Sixth Sense. I’ve adapted it to “I see stupid people.”

Last thing you splurged on? A pair of Gothic platform boots for a Halloween party last year.

Bonus Q: Who is your favorite artist? Jean Giraud aka Moebius. His epic sci-fi graphic novels The Incal and The Airtight Garage are mind-blowing. I love his artwork. Sadly, he’s no longer with us; a Moebius Tarot deck would have been awesome.

Christiane Hayes is a tarot reader and teacher, writer, photographer and store owner. She is the creator of the Tarot Moon Journal and the Tarot of Quotes. Maintaining a variety of blogs, Christiane is writing about tarot, astrology, wellness, conscious living, crystals, magick and more. With her work she aims to encourage people to make the most of their lives by embracing a practical and empowering approach to spirituality. Hippie, humanist, treehugger, moon lover, star gazer and born-again knitter, Christiane’s favourite word is “cosmic”. 


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