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Seeing Red - Symbolism of Red for Romance, Love and Sex

Quick: Think of symbols relating to love, romance and sex.

If you're reading this near Valentine's Day, you've already been bombarded with ads, decorations and posts that likely feature many symbols tied to these areas.

Red lips

Besides making for fascinating study, researching and understanding symbols also serve our spiritual, magickal, interpersonal, creative and artistic expressions. We can incorporate such symbols into rituals, spells, talismans, art, greeting cards, love letters, bouquets, homemade jewelry, gris gris bags, storytelling and more. 

Color Symbolism

I love this passage on color symbolism from my favorite book on the topic, The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images (Taschen):

Imagination built fantasies on the developing science of color, from Aristotle's mixing of elemental hues to Newton's prismatic splitting of a sunbeam into a spectrum of seven primary colors (correlated with the seven planets and the heptatonic musical scale), and Goethe's insistence on the importance of shadings. Colors convey feeling values, relationships and contrasts, dramas and tensions, the nature of matter and its processes and transmutations. They can suggest temperament, class, vocation and hierarchy. Colors define, differentiate and blend. While color is a means of expression, it evolved as a factor of survival.

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-- Janet


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