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Online Tarot Court Cards Workshop

Learning the Tarot can be daunting, but the cards that tend to confound (and dare I say, frustrate and even anger?) are the 16 Court Cards. Most decks call them Page, Knight, Queen and King—which provides even more confusion since (1) we’re not living in medieval times (2) most of us aren’t royalty.

To avoid dealing with them in a reading, some Tarotists remove them from the deck. In fact, several Hay House “Tarot” decks don’t even include Court Cards!

But this isn’t necessary. Promise.

In my 7-week online Understanding the Tarot Court Cards Workshop, I’ll:

•  Dispel misunderstandings about these 16 “face” cards
•  Teach you a fool-proof keyword system (that will work with any Tarot deck)
•  Explain the Masculine/Feminine Polarity, Astrological Associations, Chakra Associations, Elemental Associations and more
•  Provide keywords (on average, 20 key phrases per card), quotes, nicknames, personifications/embodiments for all cards--original, never-shared-before content
•  Present MBTI/Keirsey correlations for each Court Card, including four beneficial traits and four detrimental traits
•  Demonstrate how to read the Courts in combination with other cards
•  Reveal my personal reading secrets (including client case studies)

Tarot Court Workshop Med

My info-packed Tarot Court Cards Workshop features seven distinct lessons (over 6,000 words!), emailed to you every Monday—beginning April 14, 2015. You’ll also get a 2-hour live audio class I taught on the Court Cards to reinforce what you’ll learn in the lessons.

And guess what? I’ve created a super secret Facebook group for Workshop attendees dedicated exclusively to discussing—and practicing with—Court Cards. Our private group will even feature a photo gallery of Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings from multiple decks, so we can contrast/compare their imagery in light of the Court Card Workshop lessons. Yours truly will be the sole Administrator of the group (meaning, you won’t be passed on to some “underling”, “hired assistant” or “intern”—like some Workshops)—and you can ask me anything! I’m here to help and serve you.

Best yet? I wanted to keep the Understanding the Tarot Court Cards Workshop affordable, so you’re investment is only $49.95 (around $3 a card—less than a latte at Starbucks!). Registration opens now, and I’m limiting the class to only 20 attendees. So, first come, first served! We're going to have fun--and you're going to (finally) learn how to interpret the Tarot Court Cards and emerge from this Workshop a more confident, able reader.

Yes, Janet, this sounds great! Where do I register?

Why, I'm glad you asked! ::wink:: Visit my website at this link to register ASAP. Remember, first come, first served!

-- Janet


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