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Bee in the Boyer Charming Oracle

Acorns in the Boyer Charming Oracle

Below is the ACORNS symbol from our Boyer Charming Oracle that my teen son, Noah, and I have created. While this shiny divination and creativity tool features 60+ charms, I'm now creating a deck based on the charms (click here to keep track of progress on Facebook). 

Acorns Crop

The keywords I've assigned to ACORNS are Seed; Kernel; Starting Small; Beginnings; Potential; Promises. The Tarot card I've associated with ACORNS is the Ace of Coins. 

If we didn't know where oak trees came from, would you ever imagine that such a tall, majestic tree could originate from something so small? So, too, are the seeds of ideas, passion, love, dreams and effort--much like the Aces of Tarot. 

But as with anything that's mere potential, ACORNS can be crushed or destroyed before having a chance to take root and grow.

When the ACORNS symbol crosses your path, ask yourself:

  • What seed needs nurtured right now?
  • What potential am I overlooking?
  • What seed needs to die so that others may live?
  • If I were a seed, what am I growing? How am I growing? 

Until next time!

--- Janet (To find out more about our fun, innovative charms, please visit CharmingOracle.com. To like us on Facebook, click here.)


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