Acorns in the Boyer Charming Oracle
Camera in the Boyer Charming Oracle

Bee in the Boyer Charming Oracle

Below is the BEE symbol from our Boyer Charming Oracle that my teen son, Noah, and I have created. While this shiny divination and creativity tool features 60+ charms, I'm now creating a deck based on the charms (click here to keep track of progress on Facebook). In fact, below is a prototype of the BEE card (front and back):

Bee card holding small Bee card holding back small
 The keywords I've assigned to the BEE include Industry; Focus; Service; Do the Job; Task at Hand; Pollination; Soldiering; Busyness; Task Oriented; Workplace; Finish What You Start. The Tarot card I've associated with the BEE is the reliable Knight of Coins.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council: 

Pollinators transfer pollen and seeds from one flower to another, fertilizing the plant so it can grow and produce food. Cross-pollination helps at least 30 percent of the world's crops and 90 percent of our wild plants to thrive.2 Without bees to spread seeds, many plants—including food crops—would die off.

It's startling, and humbling, to think that we need bees for our very survival. 

Bee Crop

Sometimes, as we go about our daily routines, we may feel insignificant, unappreciated, ignored or taken for granted. And yet, we soldier on--perhaps to find meaning, make a living or to provide for love ones. But we we may never know is how our work--or even our attitude as we work--affects others. 

It may not be life-or-death, do-or-die like the bee, but our example of kindness, thoughtfulness, optimism, cheerfulness, faith, resilience or courage may cross-pollinate the lives of those around us...encouraging others to keep on keepin' on when things get tough.

When the BEE symbol crosses your path, ask yourself:

  • What is my life's work? My soul's work?
  • How does the way I work affect how I feel?
  • How might I be of service right now?
  • What task at hand needs my immediate attention?

 Until next time!

--- Janet (To find out more about our fun, innovative charms, please visit To like us on Facebook, click here.)


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