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Dice in the Boyer Charming Oracle

Below is the DICE symbol from our Boyer Charming Oracle that my teen son, Noah, and I have created. While this shiny divination and creativity tool features 60+ charms, I'm now creating a deck based on the charms (click here to keep track of progress on Facebook). 

Dice Crop

The keywords I've associated with DICE include Games; Risk; Chance; Gambling; Randomness; Shot in the Dark. The Tarot card I've connected to DICE is the Wheel of Fortune--governed by the fickle "Lady Luck" (aka Fortuna).

My favorite definition of luck is "Preparation meeting opportunity". 

Throwing dice, also known as "rolling the bones", is intimately connected to all the keywords I've provided. In cruder terms, it's "shit happens"...but also, it's taking a chance, a risk, for a big payoff. 

There are several ways to divine with dice. In fact, Richard Craze created a nifty tool called Decision Dice

But for the most part--whether signified by fuzzy pink cubes hanging from a rear view mirror, a tattoo or even jewelry--DICE connotes a game of some sort. The game of life? Of fate? Of fortune?

When the DICE symbol crosses your path, ask yourself:

  1. Where do I need to take a risk? 
  2. Where (and why) am I playing it safe?
  3. If life is a game, what are the rules?
  4. How much of what happens to me is a direct result of my thoughts or actions?

 Until next time!

--- Janet (To find out more about our fun, innovative charms, please visit To like us on Facebook, click here.)


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