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Using the Charming Oracle for Healing

On of our Charmers (my nickname for those who own our Boyer Charming Oracle), Zach, is using the charms for healing focus. He writes:

My father has been dealing with some serious health issues over the past week, so I went through my charms and chose one that I felt represented him well (the light bulb, since he was an electrician before he retired) and several others that I felt represented health and healing (the sun, the sun & moon, and the apple). I stuck them all on a large safety pin and I've been wearing them on a cord around my neck every day since his health problems started. I believe that it has helped me focus, pray, and meditate for him. I also believe that it has helped me send some healing energy his way!

Below are pics of Zach's healing charm selections:

Zach 2


Let's keep Zach and his Dad in his prayers!

You can also string your charms (from random draws or conscious selection) on a ribbon or piece of jewelry cord (to wear as a bracelet or necklace). The charms can be actual readings, or selections to represent manifestation (finances, courage, focus, healing, stamina, creativity, increased opportunities, love, etc.). 

Would you like your very own set of charms? Please visit (now in its 3rd run!) to order yours today--and check out the bonus goodies like Chakra Focus Stones, Zodiac Coins and more. 

-- Janet

Died Too Young

Cover smallerHey all!

I'm proud to have edited The Psychic Twins'​ new book Died Too Young--and it's now available on

Terry​ and Linda Jamison channel messages from eleven dead celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Natalie Wood, Nicole Brown Simpson, Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) and more. 

Get your copy for Kindle here. It's a fascinating read!

-- Janet

78 Tarot Nautical

The team that brought you 78 Tarot is back with a new deck--The Nautical Tarot!

Tarot water 500

Also a collaboration of 80 artists, this water-themed deck is fully complete--and absolutely gorgeous. 

To see some of the vibrant artwork, discover pledge goodies and back the 78 Tarot Nautical project on Kickstarter, click here. (I did...and snagged the last Sunken Treasure - Super Early Bird Special). 

Check out the video below!

-- Janet