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Tarot Decks for Sale

Attention: All sold out! Thanks for your interest. :o)

Hey all you Tarot fanatics! I'm liquidating a lot of my Tarot decks--including OOP ones like the Gaian Tarot, Tarot of Dreams (2nd Edition), Jean Noblet (2007), Tarot of Cloisters, Alchemical Renewed (1st Edition), Ma'at Tarot with Hardcover Book (1st Edition Large Size 480/1000), Regretsy Tarot and Art Nouveau Tarot. If you're interested in any below, email me at synerjay@atlanticbb.net with your best offer. I'd love for these decks to find a good home!

Decks 500

Tarot of Cloisters - OOP (USGS) - Box a bit tattered, but cards like mint.


Tarot of Dreams 2nd Edition (Self-Published) OOP - Magnetic box has minor wear on corners. Cards are like new.

Tarot Dreams

Alchemical Tarot Renewed (1st Edition OOP) - Cards like mint. Tiny tear on edge of LWB. Minor wear on box edges.

Alch 1 Alch 2 Alch 3
Jean Noblet Tarot (2007) Restored by Jean-Claude Flornoy - Box edges slightly worn. Cards in mint condition.

Noblet Flornoy 2

Ma'at Tarot (OOP) 1st Edition Signed/Numbered 480/1000 Large Cards with Hardcover Book - Book never read. Cards never used. Very slight wear on box corner.

Maat Maat 2

Gaian Tarot (OOP) - Includes paperback book. No outer box (because Llewellyn boxes fall apart right after opening!). Cards and book like new.

Gaian Deck Book

Regretsy Tarot (OOP) - Original Kickstarter deck. Box slightly worn. Cards mint condition.

Regretsy Regretsy 2
Art Nouvea Tarot (OOP) U.S. Games Systems - Very minor wear on corners of box. Cards mint.

Art Nouv

 -- Janet


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