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Updates on the Coffee Tarot

Ron's been back at work on our Grande Edition of the Coffee Tarot. I thought I'd share some pics of him in his studio with you. Right now, he's working on the Court Cards for the deck. (If you want to keep track of his progress, visit and "like" our Facebook page here and sign up for the Newsletter here. Our website is Tarot.Coffee).

Ron Scroll 500

Scrolls and small white cups will be the symbols for the Pages, metal travel mugs and Horses for the Knights, black mugs and crowns for the Kings and dainty ivory cups and crowns for the Queens.

Ron Cups 500

The elements are represented as Earth=Bronze, Fire=Copper, Air=Silver and Water =Chrome.

Symbols 500

Elemental backgrounds for the Courts will be ivy (Earth), flames (Fire), clouds (Air) and waves (Water). Ron's working on the ivy background now. He found some wild ivy growing at the edge of our fence, and is using that as a model.

Ivy 500

Here's one of the metal travel mugs (Knight) superimposed on the ivy background. The color of the symbol (in this case, horse)  depends on the element (Earth=Bronze, Fire=Copper, Air=Silver and Water =Chrome).

Cup and Ivy 500

He's using watercolor pencils with this project, and is now coloring the ivy.

Ivy 2 500 Ivy 3 500
Such an exciting project!

-- Janet


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