Wizard of Oz Tarot Spread
Janet's Random Sales



Shiny and functional, fun and insightful. And really shiny - WANT! :-)

Muzik Notes

Charms... as oracles? What could be more delicious?!?! I'd LOVE to expand my tarot readings with some charms... now wouldn't that be something? I'm always searching for a way to stretch my intuition & deepen my divine conversations- wouldn't this be a CHARMING way to do so?


It looks like you have a really great selection of charms. I'm looking forward to browsing your site.

Janet Boyer

So glad you guys love the looks of our Boyer Charming Oracle!


I would cast the oracle over tea and scones with friends!

J.D. Hildegard Hinkel

My mom has a collection of charms that she inherited from her mother. I'd spend a quiet afternoon going through my grandmother's charms and learning how to use the Boyer Charming Oracle.


I would use it to expand my intuition and deepen my inner knowledge. I would use them in meditation with crystals or when feeling whimsical choose one at random, wear it on a chain and see what developsâ˜ș


Mmhmmmm these are attractive and interesting variety of oracle charms.


Hi Janet! What a super fabulous prize! I am all over promoting this for you, and big congrats to Noah! Mary Poppins is awesome! :-)


These are really nice. I would use them for my shop on Etsy, and other cute jewelry for friends and family.


Your charms are not only useful but they are adorable.

Jody Smith

I would use these as charms for jewelery or meditation or readings, depending on what kind of direction I am seeking


I have a charm bracelet that I have dedicated for magical workings, I think this would be a great addition. I love the idea of drawing a 'charm of the day' and adding it to my bracelet for inspiration!


This is such an amazing idea! I love it. What an incredible method of divination. :) I would love to use these to better understand myself and my life path.

Janet Boyer

Thank you all So much for your kind words about the Boyer Charming Oracle! Congrats to Hyde Griffin, who won the Silver Mini Set--chosen by Random.org among all the entries. :o) If you'd like to purchase your own full set or Whole Shebang set (which includes 17 bronze Zodiac Coins and 7 Chakra Focal Stones), please visit http://CharmingOracle.com

Thanks for playing!

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