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Marcus Katz Emperor Bully of Tarot Strikes Again

I was a member of the Tarot of Hope Facebook group, a group dedicated to making a charity Tarot deck to raise money for the blind (Fred Hollows Foundation). I had been a member for months, and rarely posted--since we were assigned cards to work on. Yesterday, I showed my version of the 5 of Swords, many said they liked it, and I asked the founder--Mark Watson--how many words he'd like the companion text to be. He, too, seemed to like my card--and said to keep the card title off so they can do it in PhotoShop. Well, a member of the group--who isn't even a Facebook friend--sent me a PM asking why I was removed. HUH? I thought. Lo and behold I was. No explanation.

So I contacted the founder directly. This is our Facebook PM exchange, word for word:

Me: Hi Mark! A fellow member just told me I was removed from the Tarot of Hope project. May I ask why in the world I was removed?

Mark: Hi Janet, sorry but I'm going to have to remove you from the tarot of Hope project as a lot of other people who have submitted cards say that they won't work with you. I personally think that this is a load of bullshit, but I need to make sure that the deck gets made, and I can't lose half the cards as a result of politics.I have no idea why your relationship with Marcus Katz should be such an issue, but it would appear that this is the case. Once again, politics trumps charity. Several other members said that they would pull their cards if you were allowed to contribute.


Mark: I have no idea why, but I believe it has something to do with your relationship with Marcus Katz, which I know nothing about to be honest. This isnt personal, and I am deeply annoyed that there is some form of political powerplay going on, but right now I am left with the option of either telling them to not be childish and losing half the cards that have already been completed, or removing you. There are three members who have all vocally stated that they would leave, totaling seven cards in all. But all of them were being so vocal that others were being dragged in too. And it seems to have spread on to the Tarot Professionals page, but I cant confirm that as I'm blocked from that page.

Me: And you're kowtowing to a group that has even blocked YOU?

Mark: Nope, Im not kowtowing at all - I dont support your removal, but know that if we dont do something then the Tarot of Hope project will crash and burn due to infighting.

Me: Well, I just had two members PM me telling me they're pulling THEIR four cards. So, you'll have to live with your cowardice.

Mark: I am impressed that youve gotten under Marcus' skin this much. Cowardice? Seriously? Fuck you then.

So, Marcus Katz strikes again. Tarot Professionals is a cancer and it's pathetic that so many published authors and Tarot readers not only suck up to this megolomaniac--but also do his bidding (like boycotting, slandering and harassing other Tarot authors and deck creators).

Or, maybe it's only the truth-telling ones...

Oh, by the way, below was going to be my contributions for the 5 of Swords, appropriately titled GLOATING.

Racoon 500

More information, if you want to be enlightened:

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If you'd like to contact Llewellyn Publishing and Lo Scarabeo--who both enthusiastically support and publish this megalomaniac--below is their contact information.

Llewellyn's Contact Information
Llewellyn's Facebook Page
Lo Scarabeo's Contact Information
Lo Scarabeo's Facebook Page

-- Janet


Amanda Donnelly

I am super disappointed that supposed adults, who work in a spiritual and (again) supposedly enlightened calling can't put aside their issues from years ago and work quietly on their own cards while you work quietly on yours in individual spaces far from each other. It really bangs up my faith in humanity.

(What I said on Facebook was something along the lines of "fucking babies wah wah wah" but I cleaned it up a little for this comment. But I also mean my first comment too. It's a conundrum.)

If you were as insignificant and reviled as this group of people would like to make you feel, they would not have to go to these lengths and pursue the vendetta across this many years to try to make you feel it.

"When I was in church they taught me something else- If you preach hate at the service, those words aren't anointed. That Holy Water you soak in has been poisoned" ~Macklemore

"You will know them by their fruits." ~Jesus

Teresa Mills

This whole incident is unfortunate, that some of these adults cannot put aside petty differences, personal feelings, and ego for one project for the greater good of charity. It speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Janet Boyer

Speaks volumes, too, that even though many Tarot enthusiasts are aware of his tactics--they choose to remain in his Tarot Professionals group, hand over $ to him to have "Tarot Houses and support his Tarot "Cons" and books.

Janet Boyer

Well said, Amanda. Their childish, insecure actions speak so much louder about them (and their Emperor) than they do about me.


BS like this is why I have, after 30 years with a passion for tarot, developed a bad taste in my mouth for it. The only thing I ever did to the "community" was be friends with you and I got blackballed and called names because of it. People with whom I had developed relationships suddenly cut me off. I'm not going to pretend you never did anything to raise their ire, nor am I going to pretend any single one of them was a victim who didn't court your ire. There is blame on both sides of the fence. But the bullying tactics they've used against me and against you and against others who refused to unfriend you when we were told, in no uncertain terms, to do so, is ridiculous. I've been a relatively impartial observer of this issue for a long time. I see both sides.

And, Janet, they have turned into the very thing they hate with their hatred of you. And they can't even see it. They prefer to see themselves as hapless victims of you, but I can't count the number of times they've been the aggressor. And then when you strike back, they point to it and say "see? She's evil!" I've kept my voice out of this debate for a very long time, but those immature babies are ruining the very "community" they claim to be protecting from you with their hate agendas.

I can't mention how many times people have PM'ed me, afraid of being crossed by those people because they like someone they've been told not to like. Their bullying strikes fear in people.

And for all you reading and passing this along to your little ring leaders, you said I would regret being friends with Janet. You said that the first time I disagreed with her, I would fall prey to her evil. But guess what? YEARS have passed and I have disagreed with Janet numerous times and NOTHING has happened. Yet I disagreed with you guys once and you completely shut me out of the community. At least Janet is honest about her conflicts. She doesn't try to hide it or wrap it up with a pretty bow. You know what you're getting from her. With you guys, you put on a sweet face and act all noble so nobody can see the hate running wild in your hearts. I hope and expect to see my friends list dwindle after this post. And thank god if it does. I don't want to deal with fake people and their victim mentalities any longer. Elementary school is over. Grow the eff up!


Amanda, what I've learned about this community is that I made false assumptions about them. I assumed that because they love tarot, they're as devoted to personal development, forgiveness and opening their hearts to others as I am. But that's not true. People do the tarot thing for many reasons. There are very few people in that group who are enlightened or actively working on their own development. And the ones that are tend to keep to themselves because anytime they've dipped their toes too deep into the community waters, they've seen the truth of what is lurking under the surface. It's one thing to get angry. I'm angry right this minute. But it's another thing to launch an interminable attack against someone and threaten anyone who refuses to follow. That's just ugly. And that it comes from people positioned in leadership roles is even uglier.

Janet Boyer

That was what really punctured my bubble, Tierney: Realizing that many people who play with Tarot (and it IS play for them) are NOT committed to self-development, spiritual growth, awareness or authenticity. It's why the "arrows" from some of these people--even published Tarot authors and deck creators--threw me for a huge loop. I made assumptions. Assumptions that Tarot was a tool for enlightenment, greater awareness, expanded choice and creativity.

What is is, for many, is a mere toy--a game to figure out if "he'll have sex with me in a month" (a recent query/reading I saw in a Tarot group), "Who would win a boxing match: Putin or Obama?" or "What do I think about this person?" (because, God forbid if you'd do the common sense thing of check in with your BRAIN first!).

I can't write for these kind of people. I'm leaving Self Help writing because, frankly, most of humanity doesn't want to BE helped. They want to put their fingers in their ears, shove their heads further up their asses, pursue material comfort, jockey for power and scuttle around for lower chakra securities (including "belonging" and "power over").

I didn't come to earth to for that kind of bullshit. I've walked my path, and endured much, to create pearls for those who are worthy.

Swine aren't worthy.

Amanda Donnelly

You have articulated exactly what has happened with me and why I feel both personally betrayed and shocked at how this behavior can continue- I have used a tarot deck as my gatekeeper, but I have not listened to my intuition, I have been lazy at times and let my love of tarot blind me to the intentions some people actually have, and I have let people into my inner circle only because they had a deck of cards. It sounds silly when I write it out like that, but it's true.

I have been quiet because I don't want the howling pack at my door, and that's cowardly on my part, but I am so sick of seeing this. Janet, and others, including yourself, have been condemned to serve a life sentence of vitriol and hate speech and it's just wrong.

Janet Boyer

It's not easy to take a stand and, sometimes, it's just not worth it energetically or socially--especially if you don't have a "dog" in the fight.

But I think people are realizing that--when it comes to free speech, art and a tool that COULD be used for empowerment (Tarot)--endlessly hounding, blacklisting, censoring, excluding and slandering individuals for taking a stand usually won't stop at the pariah's doorstop.

I don't like the idea of being a caricature of Godwin's Law, but the following is true:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. -- Martin Niemöller

Janet Boyer

Well said, Tierney! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here. :o)


I think many of them feel they're committed to their growth and see tarot as a spiritual guide, but there are places they're not prepared to go to reach the next level. That's what I see. They're not willing to take responsibility for their own actions. Or not ready to walk a path of forgiveness. Or not able to see things through another's eyes. I've even written blogs on this...not about the, but about people in general. People like to be able to say they're on a spiritual path, but they're not ready to do the hard work of breaking the behaviors that keep them trapped in the continual vortex of one level of personal development. They won't take the quantum leap of something like forgiveness and compassion because they like the fight. And they like to blame it on others. As if they HAVE to be this way because Janet did X, Y, and Z. The truth is, real growth doesn't come until you realize that YOU make all your choices. Nobody "leaves you no choice but to act that way." It shows a lack of integrity to claim to be a kind, fair, reasonable, forgiving person, then continue to purse a vendetta against someone. And the fact that doesn't trouble them enough to stop, shows their lack of integrity.

And they can say "well, where's Janet's integrity?" And I would say, first, "you're missing the point. Your development doesn't hinge on Janet." And second I'd say "Janet has grown far more in the past years than many have, based on my observations. Janet is at least trying and she's not letting your lack of personal development hold her back, so why are you letting your perception of hers hold you back?" I'm not sure some of them can't even step out of their egos long enough to understand those concepts. But, frankly, it's the way society is. Lots of tourists and squatters on the spiritual path. What they don't realize is that the farther any of us get down the path, the smaller and smaller the tourists and squatters become. And that doesn't come from a place of resentment, anger or meanness, but from a place of expansion. It's just what happens when, years later, you've grown beyond something and they're still exactly where you left them. It's a little sad to see. I have compassion for it. But as an empath, when I think too much about it or them, I tap into their energy. So I try not to do that. I'm a much cleaner burning vehicle these days.

Janet Boyer

I agree on all points. I believe that's why Jesus said "Narrow is the way and few are they that find it."

The path gets so narrow--and usually on a rocky mountain with a steep incline--that tourists and squatters won't even bother at that height. Where the air is rarified and spiritual vehicles burn cleaner. LOL ;o)

And my integrity is how I live behind the scenes--not on the screen or the page (entirely). That's the thing about being a "public figure": we're not in control of our reputations thanks to haters. Those who truly know me (in real life or have had actual personal contact) would use "integrity" as one of the first adjectives to describe me. (Along with brave, honest, enthusiastic, optimistic and outrageous). Thing is, I'm not interested in cultivating a "persona". That would be easy. I'd rather be who I am, in all my glory, and see who can take dichotomy and whole living.

And it's too exhausting to wear a mask, anyway.

The black and whiters--not my tribe.


And Amanda, I've never articulated it that way, but I felt personally betrayed by this situation, too. Fine, don't like Janet. But don't threaten me if I choose to like her. Janet has never once asked me to choose...or even cared about who I talked to. I will always turn away from someone who gives me an ultimatum. Always. Because it speaks volumes. And for so many people I shared warm relationships to turn their backs on me out of fear of reprisal, all for the crime of refusing to unfriend Janet, who had never given me cause to unfriend her?

It has been a big disappointment to me. I really thought higher of many of those people than that. They live by fear and operate by fear. I've been quiet for a long time also because I didn't want to ruffle feathers or involve myself in the drama. But if anyone mistook my silence for weakness or a lack of awareness, they were wrong. When they pulled that on me, they showed me something inside them that I will never un-see. And it's not flattering. I've never said that out loud before, but I'm saying it now. Because they need to know others—reasonable, intelligent, thoughtful, respected members of the community—see who they are and are ashamed for them. They're not the hero/activists they fancy themselves being. They're just bullies. And I know they think Janet's a bully, blah, blah, blah. That doesn't matter. Bully a bully and you're a bully. And I don't think Janet's a bully, for the record. In every case I've seen, someone has kicked her and she's kicked back harder. And her bullies run off and whine that she's a bully because she bloodied her nose. There is not a single innocent among them. Each and every one of were part of the problem and continue to be.


I like that Jesus quote. I might steal it for something. :D

Janet Boyer

I so appreciate you articulating this, Tierney. For so many years, I felt so alone. "Is no one SEEING this shit?" I thought.

It had me in a rather dark place. But like the Phoenix, I burned while other scoffed and pissed on the pyre...but am now reborn, once again.

I'm grateful to the Universe/Helpers, my beloved family and friends like you for helping me to stay in the fire. XO

Janet Boyer

It sounds like something YOU would say! ;o)

Diavolissima Nel Cielo

I am reading this almost five years later. And I am afraid the Tarot and generally divination community has not changed much. I remember when Janet was active on fb and we were sharing stories regarding her "The Back in Time Tarot Book" etc. I also described my own experiences with MK at the Omega (2011 or 2012 I guess) and his "multi level marketing", almost immediately later I got some PMs from I guess his followers or perhaps it was someone's provocation. I had to remove my fb profile because I got followed on ...Amazon, etc. I created a more anonymous one. The dust settled but that very bad aftertaste remained. With today's technology, spreading "nastygram" and new divination systems being revived like Lennies, etc. newer and newer "societies" and "associations" are being created with their certifications, endorsements, platinum exams etc...Everything on hyper steroids. Reminding rather the worst showbusiness practices: doing the show. For the business. Money makes the world go...the world go round.. New gurus appearing everywhere. Level 4 schools etc. Sectarian cliques with their claqueurs. Their method is the only one to read. Period. They must have completely forgotten about something very fundamental: to each their own. Love & Light to Everyone.

Janet Boyer

Sad to hear things are still the same with the online Tarot world. I had such bad experiences with so many in the Tarot world that I just decided to not blog, vlog, podcast, teach or write books on the topic anymore (despite some begging me to return). Their whole zeitgeist is so ego-driven--so toxic, materialistic and grade-school cliquish--that I couldn't stand to be "among" them anymore.

It's an embarrassment--and another setback for Tarot (which already gets labeled a "devil's tool" from the ignorant)...

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Much appreciated. :o)

Diavolissima Nel Cielo

Dear Janet, it is all very saddening. What they do has nothing to do with Spirituality. When I read their "no intuitive reading, use the system" rules, I always wonder what it all is about. Cartomancy? Tarot has always been *for me* and *to me* about living beyond limits and finding one's own path. Still, to each their own. If they want to stick to 4 keywords from some LWB, that's fine. Whatever makes them happy. But being told blatantly that I am wrong because I *also* use my intuition is astonishing. And I am not into getting into a pissing contest with a skunk because obviously I would lose. So I just leave the party. And in such cases I always quote Michelle Obama: "When they go low, you go high". Warmest regards!

Janet Boyer

Agree on all counts. :o) You know, there's a difference between cooks who follow recipes to the ounce--an innovative chefs who know the ingredients so well, they create marvels on a plate. I think you know what kitchen you and I are in... 😉

Diavolissima Nel Cielo

You made my day Janet! Thank YOU!

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