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Halloween Fortunetelling Cake Pulls

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One of the ways you can use our Charming Oracle is via "cake pulls". Originally a Victorian wedding day tradition (and often practiced in the southern U.S.), you can, instead, "hide" your charms in the base of a cake and have guests "pull" out their fortune during a Divination or Halloween party. Or, you can make cupcakes and "hide" the charm by taping it to the underside of the cupcake paper, with only the ribbon showing.

As the Host Fortuneteller, you can then interpret each of your guest's fortunes pulled from the cake (using your intuition or the keyword sheet that comes with our Charming Oracle). Guests will have to return your charms to you, though, unless you get extra sets for giveaways like this!

All you need to do is is run a thread the hole in each charm and tuck the charms in between layers or at the base of the cake.

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More information on the wedding tradition at this link. To order your very own shiny set of divination charms, visit

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