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Tarot Look-a-Likes - CONFUSION (Moon + 7 of Cups)

10 Questions for Tarotist Machelle Earley


What’s your favorite breakfast food? Strawberry Crepes

Book you’d like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

What makes you laugh? Babies laughing and my puppy

Song that never gets old: "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac

Drink of choice: Diet Coke

Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold

Mountain, beach, desert or forest? Beach

Favorite color? Green

Best movie line:I’ll have what she’s having.” from When Harry Met Sally

Last thing you splurged on? Pre-release Tarot of Prague deck

Bonus Q: What animal do you feel is most like you...and why? I'm going to say an owl because I spend a lot of time observing people and my surroundings...taking it all in. Plus I prefer the night.

My name is Machelle Earley and I am a Tarot Consultant and Reiki Practitioner. We all have a vision of what and who we want to be in our lifetime, but sometimes reality is far enough from that vision that we often give up on it. As humans, we are not perfect and each one of us has work to do on ourselves in order to become an enlightened being. As a tarot reader and a Reiki healer, it is my goal to provide you with insight and healing to assist you on your path of personal development and enlightenment. My past life and shadow readings can provide insight as to the areas of your life that require some extra work and care to help you release from particular situations and behaviors in order to better your life. My readings can help with the process of delving deeper into your self to begin to answer why you do the things that you do. In conjunction with readings, my Reiki sessions can help you to heal these areas of your life. Many of these areas take time and effort to repair so a certain amount of commitment is required in order to reach your goal, a commitment by you and a commitment by me. I am committed to working beside you on your journey.

I am an empathic and intuitive tarot consultant who uses my gifts to guide others in a straightforward and compassionate way. A lifelong student of metaphysics, my love of tarot deepened in 1999 when I began supplementing my natural abilities with classes to further understand the mysteries and complexities of this remarkable tool. I truly enjoy helping others gain insight into their lives in order to help them overcome obstacles and clear a path to a healthier, body, mind and spirit. I discovered Reiki in 2004 when I was introduced to it by a close friend, feeling an immediate attraction. It was then that I decided to help others with this tremendous gift and began my studies.

Visit Machelle online at Ray of Light Tarot and Reiki here.


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