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Sore Loser

As a youth, I played in a girl's softball league. My Dad, a universally respected bloke, often umpired either behind the plate or at first base.

Janet Softball Pics

Yep, that's he and I in the above pictures (I was an all-star first baseman with a pretty darn good batting average). 

Recently, I was pondering the Tarot cards that has to do with team sports, sore losers and good sportsmanship--especially since our son just finished auditioning for a role in the musical Shrek.

Noah--and, really, the rest of the whole Center for the Performing Arts Musical Theater troupe--are very supportive of one another. They congratulate one another and if one loses a lead role, he or she is just as enthusiastic to play a smaller role.

Noah would love to land the role of Shrek, but if he doesn't...he'd be just as happy playing Lord Farquaad or someone else. 

One of the things my Dad drilled into my brother and I as kids is "Be a good sporstman. ALWAYS." Even when I had my foot run over by a bus and had to sit out a season, my Dad insisted I dress for every game (with crutches!) and shout support to my Greene Mechanical teammates from the dugout. 

It was a valuable lesson, one that's helped me as an adult and an author. 

You cheerlead your colleagues and become genuinely happy for them. 

The key to that, though, is having a strong ego and healthy self-esteem--being confident that you tried your best, and the rest is out of your hands for the most part. And, that if others outshine you (either in reality or in the perception of others), you know it doesn't diminish your efforts or talent.

The Tarot card I associate with team sports and friendly competition is the 5 of Wands. (It's also the "all fun and games until someone loses an eye" card--like when your husband and teen son wrestle in the living room. But that's another post...)

5 of Wands
Universal Waite + Snowland Deck

And the "sore loser" card? Why, that SOB, the 5 of Swords.

5 SW
Universal Waite + Snowland Deck

So who's the "good sportsman" of the Tarot? In my estimation, it's the 4 of Wands. (4 indicating stability, Wands indicating self-esteem/passion/exuberant play/confidence). It's an "we're all in this together" card, one that celebrates the accomplishments and milestones experienced by a team, tribal or family member.

4 wands
Universal Waite + Snowland Deck

 So what about you guys? What lesson did one or both of your parents instill in you that you still carry with you today?

Do you agree about the team sports (5 of Wands), sore loser (5 of Swords) and good sportsman (4 of Wands) associations--or do you have other cards in mind that you feel would fit better?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

-- Janet

P.S. If you don't yet have our Snowland Deck, with art by my husband, Ron, please visit to snag the only snow-themed deck on the market. (You get a free bag and companion .pdf, too!)


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