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Mistrust of Gifts and Compliments

What a lovely, heartfelt Instagram post by my friend and Tarot colleague Amanda Donnelly (who drew our Snowland Deck's Director Emoting card today). She's a gem. (And, obviously, a great photographer, too!)

Amanda Director Emoting

Although Christmas is either far in the past or far in the future, depending how you look at it, Father Christmas has made an appearance today as I pulled the Snowland Deck out to enjoy with my Colorado blizzard.

I have an awkward relationship with receiving gifts and compliments, although I love to give both. It may be a side effect of having too many "gifts" come with strings attached, or it could just be an extra dose of ego in that area. Sometimes I see receiving gifts as creating a power discrepancy, and I hate being beholden to anyone.

A few weeks ago, I prayed an earnest prayer that God would make me a better person. That is a work in progress and part of my healing and growth comes from recognizing unhealthy and unworthy thinking patterns. Mistrust of gifts and compliments is one that I need to work on. Of course there will be people who give them with ulterior motives, but I would not want to hurt even one genuine person in order to protect myself from a hundred disingenuous people. Besides, I'm smart enough to know the difference now, and if I fail, I'm strong enough to keep moving.

Thanks heaps for sharing, Amanda. You're a shining example of the King of Cups. (Visit Amanda on her Facebook page 78 Whispers at this link).

-- Janet


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