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Advance Praise for Tarot in Reverse (A Book About Reversed Tarot Cards)

Schiffer TIR Moon 350The galley for Tarot in Reverse just arrived and I'm studiously going over the manuscript--trusty red pen in hand!

In the meantime, advance praise for Tarot in Reverse: Making Sense of the Upside Down Cards in a Spread is pouring in--and I'm so grateful and thrilled at its reception! Here's a taster of some of the raves:

Tarot in Reverse is a long-awaited and invaluable resource. Janet provides a rich foundation for interpreting reversed cards by drawing on examples from history and popular culture in addition to the key words and definitions presented for each card. Her depictions illustrate the many ways these reversed archetypes can influence a person’s life and the subsequent choices they make. – Lisa Finander, author of Disneystrology

Janet Boyer provides a valuable and refreshing resource in the often overlooked world of Tarot reversals. Tarot in Reverse is jam-packed with tips, interpretations, and good advice. Taking it one step beyond, Janet captures incidents concerning famous personalities, illuminating how each reversal may translate into real-life situations for the reader. – Josephine Ellershaw, author of Easy Tarot and Easy Tarot Reading

If reversed cards leave you dizzy, Janet Boyer's forward thinking will restore equilibrium and instill sharp new perspectives. In this treasure chest of a book, Janet Boyer places gems of wit and wisdom over each reversed Tarot card to reveal and magnify a scintillating array of facets. The text of Tarot in Reverse is practical and poetic in equal measures, taking the reader by the hand and heart to that elusive "ah-ha!" – Craig Conley, author of Magic Words: A Dictionary

You won't find lists of a few tired old "meanings" in Tarot in Reverse! Instead, Janet Boyer delivers a cornucopia of fresh, modern and thought-provoking insights, ideas and meanings for each Tarot card. The sheer volume of research is astounding! No one will be able to finish reading this book and go away without a firm grasp on Tarot reversals. – Dax Carlisle, President of The Tarot Guild and Host of Tarot Today Radio

Happy dance! I am so honored that my colleagues consider Tarot in Reverse a valuable contributions to the metaphysical world.

Back to reading the galley--making sure I have the best book I can possibly offer to you all!

-- Janet

Coffee Tarot + Starbucks = Great Idea!

Starbucks is awesome. ::points to all the coffee bags and mugs on the shelf::

Coffee Tarot is even better.

So, what if the Coffee Tarot teamed up with Starbucks--so that the deck would be sold in every cafe? Or even officially sanctioned by them?

Think this is a great idea--getting Tarot into the mainstream?

Starbucks tarot idea 500

If so, please go to this link on MyStarbucksIdea to vote for for idea; it only takes a minute--and is a great idea (if we do say so ourselves)! Thank you...from the bottom of our coffee-filled hearts.

-- Janet

Resuming Work on the Coffee Tarot Grande Edition

I'm thrilled to announce that Ron and I have resumed work on the Coffee Tarot Grande Edition!

Below are 8 new images--the Court Cards from the Fire and Earth suits.

King of Fire 400 Queen of Fire 400

Knight of Fire 400 Page of Fire 400
King of Earth 400 Queen Earth 400
Knight of Earth 400 Page of Earth 400

It was a challenge to figure out how we'd do the Courts, while staying true to the theme of coffee. After tons of brainstorming, we decided to make an elemental template for each suit: ivy for Earth, flames for Fire, clouds for Air and waves for Water.

The Kings have large, masculine, black mugs, while the Queens are ivory, dainty porcelain cups. Knights are the silver "to go" travel mugs, while the Pages are white, smaller cups. The four emblems--King's crown, Queen's crown, Knight's horse and Page's scroll--are color-coded according to suit: Earth is bronze, Fire is copper, Air is silver and Water is chrome.

Like the Majors cards, the images will be drawn and  colored with watercolor pencils. The Grande edition will be borderless, with a different back design from the Majors-Only Limited Edition (intertwined cups, reminiscent of a lemniscate--fully reversible).

You can keep track of our progress on the Coffee Tarot Facebook page here. Our main site, Tarot.Coffee, will eventually be updated, too. 

Exciting times at Chez Boyer!

-- Janet