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Coffee Tarot + Starbucks = Great Idea!

Resuming Work on the Coffee Tarot Grande Edition

I'm thrilled to announce that Ron and I have resumed work on the Coffee Tarot Grande Edition!

Below are 8 new images--the Court Cards from the Fire and Earth suits.

King of Fire 400 Queen of Fire 400

Knight of Fire 400 Page of Fire 400
King of Earth 400 Queen Earth 400
Knight of Earth 400 Page of Earth 400

It was a challenge to figure out how we'd do the Courts, while staying true to the theme of coffee. After tons of brainstorming, we decided to make an elemental template for each suit: ivy for Earth, flames for Fire, clouds for Air and waves for Water.

The Kings have large, masculine, black mugs, while the Queens are ivory, dainty porcelain cups. Knights are the silver "to go" travel mugs, while the Pages are white, smaller cups. The four emblems--King's crown, Queen's crown, Knight's horse and Page's scroll--are color-coded according to suit: Earth is bronze, Fire is copper, Air is silver and Water is chrome.

Like the Majors cards, the images will be drawn and  colored with watercolor pencils. The Grande edition will be borderless, with a different back design from the Majors-Only Limited Edition (intertwined cups, reminiscent of a lemniscate--fully reversible).

You can keep track of our progress on the Coffee Tarot Facebook page here. Our main site, Tarot.Coffee, will eventually be updated, too. 

Exciting times at Chez Boyer!

-- Janet


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