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Coffee Tarot Update

Hello there!

Ron is chugging right along with our Coffee Tarot: Grande Edition, working nights and weekends to complete the cards. Fortunately, watercolor pencils take a LOT less time than acrylics (the medium our Snowland Deck was painted with).

You've already seen the Ace of Fire and Ace of Earth, so here's the completed Ace of Air and Ace of Water cards for our Coffee Tarot:

Ace Air Font 400 Ace of Cups 400

Below is the Six of Air. We decided to go the "Science" direction. Can you guess what formula it shows?

6 Air 400

And Ron just drew, transferred and colored the Two of Cups today (as you can see, he's a huge Art Nouveau fan!):

2 of Cups 400

If you've missed seeing our Court Cards, the Fire and Earth cards are here, while the Water and Air cards are here.

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-- Janet


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