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Introducing Sweet and Sour Tarot

Hi all!

I'm thrilled to introduce a fun new feature on my blog: Sweet and Sour Tarot!

What the hell is that?, you may be wondering.

Well, I'm anticipating a brilliant (albeit, dark) new deck from my colleagues James Battersby and Christine Aguilar called Twisted Tarot Tales. This colorful horror comic deck recently finished a successful IndieGoGo campaign (124% funded!)--and I'm eagerly waiting my copy to arrive in the mail (any day now...any day).

Twisted James and Christine

One thing that strikes me a bit funny about my tastes in decks: I tend to gravitate towards "uplifting" decks that could be described as "positive"--even child-friendly. After all, I co-created the Snowland Deck with my hubby, artist Ron Boyer, right? (I even have an aversion to Tarot images that portray nudity and violence. Ha!)

And yet...I'm completely enamored with Christine and James' vision for their Twisted Tarot Tales deck. It's so...twisted! So wrong! But, so hilarious! So brilliant! And, by God...still readable

Twisted Banner

As I was chatting with James on Facebook one day, I had an idea: Why not do a Sweet and Sour Tarot blog feature comparing the same cards from our Snowland Deck with their Twisted Tarot Tales Deck! You couldn't find a more different set of decks, and yet, discussing how they differ and how they similarly represent traditional Tarot themes and archetypes would be a fun, illuminating exercise on how the cards apply to myriad life situations and questions. 

Snowland banner

I'm excited to bring this new feature to you, and I hope you'll get a kick out of it as much as I know I will. Mostly, though, I hope you benefit from seeing how two very different decks tap into the universal archetypes and motifs contained within Tarot--thereby enhancing, expanding and informing your own Tarot readings and personal set of meanings.

-- Janet

P.S. You can "like" our Snowland Deck Facebook page here. Our website is SnowlandDeck.com. You can "like" the Twisted Tarot Tales Facebook page here. The Battersby Aguilar Tarot site is here.


Teresa Mills

This sounds like fun. One of the best ways I found to learn tarot was comparing and contrasting different decks. Being that I am a big fan of Tales from the Crypt, which watching these episodes got me through a recent event in my life, I am also a fan of the Twisted Tarot seeing various twists of fate right in the card. Most I instantly get, a few I do not probably because I am not familiar with the comic they are based on, but that is fun exploring that too. Of course Tales of the Crypt shows were based on horror comics, so it would make sense that I love this deck. The Snowland Tarot is a winter wonderland, so yes they are quite different in theme, look, and energy. Should be fun to see them side by side and see how they might be similar even though they are so different. I am looking forward to your Sweet and Sour Tarot blog.

This is a year where I have to be super careful with money, but Don bought me this deck as a happy birthday (August), anniversary (October), and Christmas present. Thank you Don. I anxiously await its arrival as well. Seriously could a person who got married on Halloween in a black dress and who is a little dark and twisty and loves Tales from the Crypt not get this deck? I followed it all through its development, just like I did the Snowland. I think decks where you get to comment on them in development and be apart of that are the most fun, and James and Christine did include us in that process. Christine even gave me a link to watch one episode that one of the cards was based on. Although this brilliant deck is not my creation in any way, I feel apart of it, and quite frankly that is a motivator to purchase as well as both Twisted Tales and the Snowland Tarot each include 78 or more little masterpieces of art and are both are unique, and fun.

Great idea, Janet!

Janet Boyer

Thanks Teresa! Since you're quite familiar with BOTH decks, your insights would be most interesting to read. :o)

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