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Sweet and Sour Tarot - The High Priestess

I'm so excited to present the first post of my Sweet and Sour Tarot series, featuring the "sweet" Snowland Deck by moi and hubby Ron Boyer--and the "sour" (not really, but you know) Twisted Tarot Tales by Christine Aguilar and James Battersby.

(Why am I getting the sudden urge to intone "And in THIS corner..." Ha!)

Behold, I give you The High Priestess Tarot card from each deck:

Sweet Sour HP 600

Interestingly, both cards feature oracular tools used by divinators and fortunetellers. The top of each image shows a sense of movement--the Aurora Borealis and flag in the Snowland Deck version--and the flying hair (and body!) of the medium.

The colors blue and green figure prominently in both cards. Blue connects to the Throat Chakra (5th), the energy center of communication, self-expression  and choice. The power of divination or spirit communication, as I see it, is informed choice. Yes, we may receive helpful information that confirms our intuition or additional revelations to aid our decisions but, ultimately, these must be balanced with logic and common sense--and, most importantly--the conviction that we steer our destiny by our free-will choices. 

The color green connects to the Heart Chakra (4th)--the central "powerhouse" that connects the lower and upper chakras. It's the energy center of the heart, governing love, forgiveness, hope, trust and compassion.

Both High Priestess images also feature an open hand, which is interesting--especially since this card is usually associated with secrets and hidden knowledge. However, The Magician, with his sleight-of-hand, keeps things concealed from the viewer--which can result in outright deception and trickery. Yet, once you get past the veil of the High Priestess, the curtain of initiation or "paying your spiritual dues"--you can be sure that the information offered, while often esoteric and mystifying, will be displayed in plain sight. (It's up to us to decode the information and then make a conscious choice. Or, we can always choose to completely ignore what she's offering.)

Also appearing in both cards: The Sun and The Moon. Both are powerful symbols that could have an entire book dedicated to them! Suffice to say that The Sun represents Yang energy, the solar principle connected to daylight, pro-activity, passion, consciousness and waking activity. (For more information on Sun Symbolism, read my post here.) The Moon, usually connected to the High Priestess in most decks, connects to reflected light, passivity, receptivity, the subconscious and nighttime dreams. I love it that the "sweet" and "sour" cards embody the necessity of including BOTH sides of the brain for this card--the need for both masculine AND feminine energy when receiving esoteric knowledge, spiritual wisdom and messages from the Divine.

Also, there are letters of the alphabet on both cards: the entire alphabet on the Ouija board in the Twisted Tarot Tales card...and two runes in the Snowland version.

How many other similarities can you find between the cards?

Now, let's examine the cards individually for contrast and comparison:

Snowland Deck Oracle Card (aka The High Priestess)

HP Jumbo 500
Art © Ron Boyer

From our Snowland Deck companion book:

Description: A mysterious igloo sits under a flashing Aurora Borealis. Six divination symbols surround the entrance: coins for the I Ching, cards for Tarot, a hand for Palmistry, Futhark stones for the Runes, a book for Bibliomancy and a pendulum for Dowsing. An eye representing Clairvoyance (“clear seeing”) gazes from the top middle. Inside, a crystal ball sits on top a table covered in a green cloth. A warm glow emanates from within. On top of the igloo flies a flag bearing the symbols of the Sun, Moon and Stars. (Note: The runes are Mannaz, meaning “human” and Perthro, meaning, “casting lots”, “chance”, “pawn”, “the unknowable”, “secret” and “fortunetelling”).

Keywords: Internal Guidance; Esoteric; Advanced Wisdom; Library; Bookstores; Sanctuary; Sacred Sites; Seeking Answers; Prophecy; Divination; Accessing Intuition; Hidden Knowledge; Know Thyself; Privacy; Secrecy

Twisted Tarot Tales High Priestess

Twisted HP 500
Art © James Battersby

 From the Twisted Tarot Tales Companion Book:

The medium channels spirits from the afterlife for those in search of spiritual wisdom, knowledge and messages from the spirit world. She serves as a conduit between the earth and spirit planes, communicating messages from the other side to dear loved ones remaining in the physical realm. We chose this image of the High Priestess using the infamous Ouija board because of the board's long association with spirit communication. Traditionally, the High Priestess represents intuition, secrets, higher powers and lifting the veil beyond everyday awareness, as well as penetrating the mysteries of the subconscious mind. -- Christine Aguilar

Keywords and Phrases: Mystery. Intuition. Pay attention to messages in dreams. Inner awareness. Esoteric knowledge. Female principle. Solitary woman. Sibyl. Secrets. Hidden knowledge. The power of the unconscious mind.

Thanks so much for joining me at this inaugural Sweet and Sour Tarot post! We'd love to hear your observations and comments below. And do tell us which card you'd like to see us explore next!

To learn more about the Snowland Deck, please visit SnowlandDeck.com. Find us on Facebook here. To learn more about the Twisted Tarot Tales deck, click here

-- Janet


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