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2017 Tarot Journal

I'm happy to report that my 2017 Tarot Journal is now finished and available! Squee!

2017 Tarot Journal 500

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot is the least explored cards in the deck (including the Court Cards). I've changed all that by creating the 2017 Tarot Journal: A Minor Arcana Journey. Some fast facts:
  • New for 2017! Thirteen spreads with full-color illustrations!
  • This is a full-color, printable journal that doubles as a calendar. Every week is dedicated to ONE card in the Minor Arcana, with eight lines for writing down your answers. Every DAY includes a journal prompt, with a bonus prompt at the end of every week--377 prompts total.
  • You do not need to own a Tarot deck to use the 2017 Tarot Journal! Full-color images of every card in our Snowland Deck is provided at the beginning of every week. Prompts are based on the keywords and energy of the card, so anyone can use the Journal with great results.
  • Bonus prompts (52 of them) often ask you to look through your deck or draw a card or cards. You do NOT have to do the bonus prompts if you don't yet have a deck. (You're also free to use any oracle deck or charm-based oracle like our Boyer Charming Oracle, instead). Or, you can visit sites that provide images of all 78 Tarot cards to make your selection. The free website My Divination (click here) lists 133 different decks you can browse through for card selection--including our Snowland Deck
  • The 2017 Tarot Journal will be sent to you using your PayPal email. If you'd your Journal sent to another email address, just make a note of it in your PayPal order--or email it to Janet. 
A full year's worth of thought-provoking prompts that will take you through the Minor Arcana, as well as:
  • The highs and lows of your relationships, dreams and feelings
  • The wide range of your attitudes, assumptions and fears
  • The strength of your passion, courage and self-esteem
  • The nitty-gritty of your environment and work, as well as your physical and financial state
How much for this unique, original fabulosity? For this entire year of self-examination and journeying through the Tarot's Minor Arcana? Only $9.95!
I know, you can't even get a softcover self-help book for that price!
Below are some reduced-sized sample pages from the 2017 Tarot Journal:
TJ Snap 1 TJ Snap 2 TJ Snap 3 TP Snap 4

If you're thinking , Ohhhhh, Janet! I'm excited! Count me in! then visit this link to get your very own. (The Minor Arcana will never look the same to you after this...) 

-- Janet


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