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Introducing The Athena Zone

Athena zone square 400For the last year, so many have sent me notes asking "When are the Tarot Bitches coming back on air?" or "Will you please start your radio show back up?"

I appreciated their enthusiasm loyalty, but repeatedly demurred.

Then, in a perfect synchronistic storm, my former co-host, Laura Brown, and I decided (quite spontaneously) to go back on the air.


But, although we love Tarot, we thought it best to include a wide-range of relevant topics that inspire, encourage and provoke thought + civil discourse. 

And thus, The Athena Zone was born!

Janet and Laura 2Our BlogTalkRadio show is at this link. We air LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 PM EST for 30 minutes. (We may do filler shows, too, with yours truly doing the late night shift). Do follow us there to get reminders about show times.

Our blog, where every episode will be archived, (including our first one, which is already up!), is Athena.Zone. (Yep, I snagged a dot zone URL ending). You can subscribe to our blog, and every time a new post/show goes up, it will be delivered right to your inbox.

Let us know how you like the show over at our blog or feel free to shoot us an email. We're having fun being back on air...and hope you love it, too.

-- Janet


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