Sexism in Tarot or on Paranormal Radio Shows? You Be the Judge
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Janet Boyer on the Into the Parabnormal Show with Jeremy Scott

So after a shitty experience with Rob McConnell of X Zone Radio, I'm pleased to punch to announce that I was just on Into the Parabnormal Show with Jeremy Scott. ::fist pump::

Parab 2

Yeah, that "b" is supposed to be in there, for you fellow Grammar Police; it's a combo of "Paranormal" and "Abnormal". Clever, huh? I didn't get it at first. :oP

So anyway...

We had a great show. Jeremy said the two biggest takeaways from our chat were "Spiritual Constipation" and "Drag (Tarot) Queens". I know, I know...typical Janet fare. 

Without further ado, I give you...THE SHOW. Episode #176 of Into the Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott. (Give the player a few seconds. There's about 5 or so seconds of dead air at first.)

And there's RUSH BUMPER MUSIC, guys. "Subdivisions" and "Natural Science", to be exact.

Enjoy! It was a super-fun show. One of my favorites. 

-- Janet


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