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Forget Resolutions. Use Tarot for Intentions!

Mid ArrayTarot can be used for so much more than just divination. In fact, my favorite use of the cards is for focused intention and manifestation. Want to expand a particular energy in your life? Enhance an area? Invite more? Then consciously choose the card/s that represent whatever it is you want to attract; don’t rely on randomness or blind “Card of the Day” pulls to guess what it is you really want. (That’s a bit like wanting to make a specific recipe, going into a grocery store blindfolded and then pulling things off the shelves for your order!).

As we start a New Year, many of us are thinking of what has passed away—and what is to come. If you’d like to jumpstart a new beginning,  the Major Arcana of Tarot provides twenty-two cards to help initiate your journey. You can place the card/s on your altar, stick on your fridge with a magnet, keep it in your wallet, create a desktop wallpaper or screensaver with it—whatever helps with your specific focus and intentions. Selected cards can also be used for spellwork and rituals.

You can read the rest of my post on using Tarot for intentions at my Sacred Symbols blog on PaganSquare here.


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