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Witches&Pagans Magazine Issue 33 Tarot and Divination

If you haven't yet snagged a copy of Witches&Pagans Magazine latest issue (#33 Tarot and Divination), you really must. I hear it's one of the most popular issues ever, and it really is great reading. My pal Judika Illes is interviewed in this issue (YAY!). Plus, you can get a taste of what this fab mag has to offer to those of alternative/pagan spiritual paths. My article "78 Shades of Tarot" is in there, where I address that there is no "good" or "bad" cards in the deck. Here's some snaps:

WP Crop WP Crop 2 WP Crop 3 WP Crop 4WP Crop 5WP Crop 6
And there was even a lovely black and white ad for our Snowland Deck in this issue!

WP Crop 7

Yeah, you could say I'm a bit proud. ;o) I've been published in other magazines before, but am really honored to be in W&P; I love what Publisher/Editor Anne Newkirk Niven brings to the table via her magazines and the website.

-- Janet


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