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1. What’s your favorite breakfast food? On an average run of the mill kind of day, avocado toast. On a weekend I’m a total boozy brunch kind of girl, so mimosas, eggs benny, goat cheese quiche…yummy!

2. Book you’d like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? Non-fiction or fiction? For non-fiction it would be The Shift by Wayne Dyer, which totally changed my life and how I look at manifesting and achieving goals. For fiction, Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk. I’m a huge fan of Palahniuk and this book is one his best. The first time I read it I couldn’t put it down and blew through it in a weekend.

3. What makes you laugh? I’m a big fan of stand up comedy. During college I was actually starting to pursue stand up and comedy writing. I like witty stuff but I’m also a fan of blue comedy when it’s done in the right way. Some of my favorite stand ups are Bo Burnham, Demetri Martin, Doug Benson, and Natasha Leggero.

4. Song that never gets old:Fancy” by Iggy Azalea

5. Drink of choice: Coffee in all forms, but I’ve started to find my tastes have changed a bit and now I find a lot of things like Starbucks lattes to be too sweet. These days I tend to have a Flat White most of the time.

6. Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold because I love snuggling up with blankets and pillows.

7. Mountain, beach, desert, or forest? Beach. I’m a mermaid at heart.

8. Favorite color? All shades of teal and turquoise.

9. Best movie line: Maybe not “the best” but one of my faves from my favorite movie, Rushmore: “Well tell that stupid mick he just made my list of things to do today.

10. Last thing you splurged on? A big Burberry cosmetics haul. I’m very picky about makeup and I tend to use mainly high end and luxury cosmetics with a few small exceptions. My main go tos are Burberry, Chanel, YSL, Givenchy, and Tom Ford. But I do like Too Faced, Kat Von D, and Urban Decay as well. I’ve developed quite a Too Faced collection in the last few years!

11. Bonus Q: For you, what’s the difference between “witchy” and “Pagan”? This gets a little tricky. In general terms Pagan refers to non-Abrahamic religions while witchcraft is the practice of using ritual, spells, and magick to create change in accordance with will. Witches work with witchcraft but Pagans might not and instead choose to focus on spirituality and the hon-oring of certain deities. Someone can be Pagan but not work with magick. For instance, Wicca is a neo-Pagan religion where you can often find people who follow the spiritual and ethical beliefs of the Wiccan religion but choose not to work with witchcraft. That would make them Pagan but not witches. And on the flip side you’ll find witches who don’t consider themselves Pagan. In fact some may actually be part of an Abrahamic religion; I’ve known a handful of Catholic witches over the years.

You might also find witches that just don’t have a set of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices but they work with magick to manifest their desires. Basically it comes down to the fact that not all witches are Pagans and not all Pagans are witches, but you usually find that the two mix. At this stage in my practice I consider myself an eclectic Pagan witch. I work with spe-cific gods and goddesses spiritually and magickally like The Morrighan, Brighid, Thor, and Odin. But for years I’ve been very drawn to the philoso-phical beliefs and practices of Buddhism and I include them in my life and spiritual path as well. I’ve never been a big fan of tradition and like creat-ing my own path based on what works and resonates with me.

Jess Carlson is a Witch, professional intuitive tart and oracle reader, and blogger who helps people unlock their inner badass witch goddess (or god) through sharing magickal and spiritual practices and tools for everyday life, sharing tips and teachings for gaining more confidence, getting in touch with your inner wisdom, and making soul driven decisions so you can live in alignment with your purpose. Jess has been studying magick, working with meditation, and reading the tarot for almost 30 years. Today, she spreads her message of magickal and spiritual empowerment across the globe though blogging and social media, offering both free and paid readings, coaching, and teaching to those looking for a nudge in the right direction on their path. Visit Jess online at JessCalrson.com and on Instagram @jessjcarlson (where she shares daily cards and whatnot).


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