10 Questions for Tarotist Jess Carlson
Naked Tarot is FINISHED!

10 Questions for Tarotist Vivian Aubin


What’s your favorite breakfast food? Bacon!

Book you’d like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? I Can Do It by Louise Hay (has a beautiful affirmation CD with it)

What makes you laugh? Many things; love to laugh! If I have to choose one it would be children and their fresh view on everything!

Song that never gets old: "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong

Drink of choice: Water

Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold so I can bundle up!

Mountain, beach, desert, or forest? Love all parts of nature, but if have to choose one—Mountain. It also has the forest and animals as well!

Favorite color? Today it is Purple!

Best movie line: None comes to mind but would say “You have the starring role in your life!

Last thing you splurged on? A lamp with a carved eagle and wolf on it!

Bonus Q: What role does angels play in your intuitive work? My guardian angel has made sure I am still breathing today in many ways. So without the angels I wouldn’t be here to continue with spiritual healing, teachings and readings! The Angels add beauty, connection, compassion and healing when I do my readings!

Vivian Aubin considers herself a Spiritual Healer, and is Certified in Grief and Trauma Recovery, A shamanic practitioner in the Inca tradition including Soul Retrieval, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist  with advanced Past-Life Regression Therapy and has 20+ years of Nursing experience! With all her heart and soul, Vivian believes the greatest teacher of all is SPIRIT! Who she continually works with every day. And is always in awe of the knowledge and experiences they share with her. Visit her online at AllThatWillBe.com.


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