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Ron, Noah and i are creating a new circular, stained-glass deck called The Symbolum Tarot. And Ron's still hard at work on the Coffee Tarot images (he's in the studio coloring the 7 of Air card right now). And we're going ahead with the Christmas Tarot (might call it the Yuletide Tarot), where Ron will draw the images and I'll color them. And Noah and I are brainstorming for a Tarot deck we've had in mind (and partically mapped out) for several years now.

Today, I've revamped our Patreon page. As I wrote there:

Stylized B 500So why Patreon? Well, we have multiple Facebook pages--totaling over 6,000 fans--plus three Twitter feeds totaling over 8,000 followers. And several private Facebook Groups dedicated to specific projects. And a Newsletter. Whew! With all the white noise on social media--everyone clamoring to get your attention or buy your stuff--Janet got the idea to create a special space for those truly interested in The Boyer Family and their creations. A place where Patrons can feel good knowing they're supporting a loving, close-knit, hard-working family who love creating original, uplifting and illuminating works of art. And, to reward Patrons for their awesome support, gifts of paintings, drawings, oracles, books or other goodies--as well as exclusive access to our process and everyday going-ons. 

Without distractions. Or noise. Or negativity. Things you (sadly) often find on social media outlets.

So if you'd like the chance to win free art every month, or get exclusive sneak peeks/behind the scenes (already posted some sketches for The Hermit for Symbolum), get Tarot readings and so on, visit us at Patreon.com/BoyerCreations. Patron levels start at a mere $2 a month (less than the price of a fancy cup of coffee). 

Hope to see you there!

-- Janet


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