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10 Questions for Tarotist Jennifer Sieck

Jenny Sieck
1. What’s your favorite breakfast food?
Hmm…we could go two ways with this…I love making gluten free pancakes with berries and cacoa in them. Also love a really good gluten free scone. My other half has perfected the recipe and makes lemon, great berry chai ones and double coco mint ones. Those are my favorite! With a coffee latte heavy on the frothed hot milk. Light on the coffee…

2. Book you’d like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? I would say Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind. It is a great read. The part that sticks out for me most is the conversation about why the schools of Psychology are different in England and the U.S., and how they came to be that way. Thoroughly fascinating stuff! Also anything on archetypes by James Hollis holds me enthralled. And finally, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie…a wonderful and profound read! It will make you cry and regather parts of yourself you didn’t know you’d lost.

3. What makes you laugh? Zany improvisation like Whose line is it Anyway? Witty Comedy that pushes boundaries like Eddie Izzard, or Russell Brand. or comedy that humanizes all of us and Brings us together like Ellen Degeneres. Also, sometimes ad libs can make me laugh out loud.

4. Song that never gets old: Anything by Dar Williams or Mary Black…songs that tell beautiful and powerful human stories, especially stories that empower people to be more completely themselves, and take stands for justice and the individual. So, with that in mind I also love Phil Ochs and great topical songs and protest songs.

5. Drink of choice: I used to enjoy a really good Moscow Mule made with strong ginger beer or a good Cabernet. That ship has sailed but I still keep the wine glass for ambiance. Now you will find it filled with what I affectionately refer to as fluffy water. Bubbly water that comes in yummy fruit flavors…celebratory without the after effects.

6. Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold, because you can always make it warmer. And beautiful bed spreads take self-care to the next level. A pretty room makes me feel so much better inside and out.

7. Mountain, beach, desert, or forest? Beach. I used to be an avid sheller and even one contests for my exhibitions of them when I was a kid. There is still nothing like shelling…finding little treasures pulled up from the deep just for you. Which require great awareness to spot. That’s all my favorite stuff to do rolled up into one.

8. Favorite color? Purple’s and greens…even better together. .

9.. Best movie line: From Harold and Maude: "I like to watch things grow. They grow and bloom and fade and die and change into something else. Some are smaller and some are fatter. You see Harold I feel that much of the worlds sorrow comes from people who are this (she points to one blossom) but allow themselves to be treated as that". (She points to a whole field)

10. Last thing you splurged on? For me it’s always beads…I have a business where I design jewelry intuitively and so I get a lot of my beads based on just imagining designs and color schemes in my mind. I will hang on to them a long time sometimes before creating externally. But I am always in some stage of the creative process and purchase them weekly.

Bonus Q: How do you work with the four sacred elements in your life? What a great question. I will say that the natural world is in so many ways what sustains me, heals me, helps me transmute energy and brings me back to my best self. I am particularly drawn to working with these energies of earth, air, fire and water as a balancing mechanism. I l think this holistic perspective is so much more useful than simply pathologizing disease or upset. I like to think of it as a shifting of awareness coupled with noticing a life that offers a deeper goodness of fit, instead of ‘fixing”. I love animal totem work and recently am doing a lot with chakras and working with corresponding totems evoked by the energy of each Chakra and corresponding element that the animal lives in. For detailed information regarding this work check out my YouTube video below:

I am a Leo with three other planets in fire signs, so I really do well with a high level of intuitive listening, although it can sometimes be an emotional balancing act. I love to swim to balance water energy and I get most of my creative downloads in the bath or pool. I am lucky to have crafted a life work balance that offers me the ability to create my own schedule. Suffice it to say creativity, being close to nature, and intuitive work are very much the central tenants of my story. I believe our best and most attuned selves are rediscovered through nature.

About Jenny Sieck: Unlike psychics that focus primarily on divination and prediction, Inner Voice offers a heart centered approach that opens the client up to follow their path more deeply, clearly and & readily. As a practicing intuitive tarot reader, tarot teacher and Jungian focused Counselor, I offer my intuitive gifts to help you discover your unique soul path by helping you learn to recognize your higher self. I can gently tap into your energies and together we can explore choices and possibilities that will lead to greater inspiration, clarity and focus..This in turn helps you naturally recognize and shift dysfunctional patterns to create a more authentic life. I am clairsentient (clear feeling), clairaudient (clear hearing) and clairvoyant (clear seeing). For the last twenty+ years, I have been passionate about helping clients to achieve greater awareness of their unique inner knowing. Recently my Inner Voice Intuitive Tarot classes have helped many tap into their unique way of reading. These private classes are archetypally based yet taught with each individual seeker in mind. For more on my services check out: and


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