7 of Coins Tarot Card – Time for Inspection
International Tarot Day July 8, 2017

10 Questions for Tarotist Root (Kyle Jacobs)


1. What’s your favorite breakfast food? These days, I wake up and have some Green Tea, alongside some eggs, kale and tomatoes. I tend to season my food with garlic, black pepper, turmeric, cumin and olive oil. I love cooking with caste iron, and if I get a chance to add a slice of Rye toast, I will — otherwise, I also use cauliflower and broccoli often.

2. Book you’d like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? Depends what you’re going through in your life at the time. Almost universally, if you’re a business person, or an artist, I would tell you to listen to Seth Godin: Linchpin. If you are someone who is struggling with addiction and gnostic disenchantment. I would recommend Phillip K Dick - A Scanner Darkly. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and The Art of War - Sun Tzu are also important.

3. What makes you laugh? Usually the mixture of the absurd and reality, with a touch of philosophy or mysticism. I think our every day existence can be very mundane, and it’s nice when you catch a moment with someone where you question why things appear to be so mundane — then I laugh like a madman, and then go back to mundane reality.

4. Song that never gets old:

Destroying Angel - Bardo Pond
Harvest Moon - Neil Young
Maggot Brain - Parliament Funkadelic.
Harold Budd - La Bella Vista [Album]

5. Drink of choice: Earl Grey, or Decaf Chai with extra pepper.

6. Would you rather be hot or cold? Hot is kind of miserable. I grew up in Southern CA, and we got 100+ degree weather in the summers. That kind of hot is not pleasant. However, the cold is not too special either. Been living in Madison, WI now, and sub zero gets me every winter. I think I’ll answer this one as “50 to 80 degrees.” is a nice range. I can also enjoy some mist, fog, light rain, and patchy sunlight. Sounds beautiful, and very much like the Pacific Northwest meets the Central / North Coast of CA.

7. Mountain, beach, desert, or forest? Chaparral! — Seriously, there is this little hidden biome along the southern central coast of CA where you can get olive trees, and oak groves. It’s just desert enough to where you don’t get a lot of mosses or fungi, but just forest enough to where you get some neat oak trees, pepper trees, avocado trees etc — that just grow all by themselves in the hills. It’s a special place. I’m also a big fan of the Pacific Northwest, particularly the coast. Another unique biome up there with the Coastal Redwood Forests. Very satisfying to walk through.

8. Favorite color? Something earth-tone. I actually have really boring clothes. Brown, beige, green,grey. Most of my clothes also have paint stains on them, which is my own unique way of decorating them. I like to blend into the world around me, though I suspect that I don’t do as well as I imagine.

Best movie line: There are quite a few. I would have to go with a line from A Scanner Darkly – PKD “If I had known it was Harmless, I would have Killed it Myself.” The scene is a flashback to a situation where there was this woman who wanted to kill a mosquito hawk, and she was freaking out about it. The novel centers around these drug addicts who were visiting that woman, and scheming on how they wanted to try and have sex with her. Then, she says this phrase, and they all realize that they have to get out of her house as soon as possible. The comment is delineation between ‘Straight Society’ and ‘Counter Culture’.

The logic of the woman is that there is something frightening, and she wants it dead — but after it is explained to her that the thing is actually helpful, and kills off mosquitoes, which are more dangerous — it doesn’t connect with her that it might be a good idea to be graceful with the thing. Instead, she just assumes to follow through on murdering the thing. Kind of reminds me of the same logic that governs our current political processes economics and foreign policies. People can be frightening sometimes, and all you can really do is laugh, and try not to be part of the problem.

Last thing you splurged on? I buy supplements on a monthly basis to cope with stress and to support my body. I’ll list them out with details as to why I chose them:

Salmon Oil - Omega fatty acids, mood, joints, heart health.

B-Complex Stress - Nerve Health, Stress reduction, Includes Adaptogenic herbs as well.

Reishi - Hardcore adaptogen.

Lions Mane - Lions Mane is interesting because it is a nootropic, meaning it stimulates nerve growth and gets past the blood brain barrier. It can improve cognitive function, and also helps repair damaged nerve sheaths.

I see purchasing supplements as a way of preparing my body to undergo high stress environments. Maintaining a life as a father, a freelancer, an artist, a housemate in a cooperative, and a business person is hard work. I need to have all of my faculties available, and I need to offer my body the support it needs to get through those tasks. If I had to give a pitch here, I would say take a serious look at Paul Stamets’ products over at Fungi Perfecti. He does great work, and I love his products. That is the brand of the Reishi and Lions Mane I use.

Bonus Q: How do you work with the four sacred elements in your life? Fire is important to me because it destroys the things that clutter my consciousness. If something is bothering me, I just throw my attachments into the fire. I try to do this consciously and continuously. I feel it helps me to live in the moment. The symbolism here is the Refiners Fire, or the Sacred Heart.

Water is important to me because of my astrological sign, and my pre-occupation with the sub-conscious. I feel like it is important for me to be brave enough to plunge into the darkest parts of the sub-conscious without fear of what is there. I feel like after confronting death down there — I find a kind of liberation. A realization that the fear has its limits, and that consciousness continues beyond that. Idealistically, I also believe that water is adaptive. So, In terms of being adaptive, and responsive to the environment I’m in at the time — water is useful.

“Be water my friend,” - Bruce Lee. Air, I have to say, I’m not terribly connected with. I enjoy faeries, and I enjoy rationality. I practice Qi Gong, and I feel like there is some Etheric movement that happens there. So, if you could place “Spirit” in with Air, then I would say it is important for me to not stagnate in my energy. I need to clean myself and the spaces I occupy frequently throughout the day. Stretching, Qi Gong, going for walks in the fresh air, and organizing my living space are all crucial for maintaining a fresh perspective throughout the day.

Earth is important in the sense that I pay a lot of attention to my health, my nutrition, and to the impact that I have on my environment. I am also preoccupied with business frequently, which is a very earthly concern. I want to build a business that is mutually beneficial for myself and others. I want to create something that sustains me and my loved ones, while providing value to others. I also have a strong pull to the sensual, and the beauty of nature. For me, that is where earth energy is in my life.


I just want to say thanks to Janet for inviting me; answering these questions was enjoyable.

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