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7 of Coins Tarot Card – Time for Inspection

The 7 of Coins encourages you to evaluate the physical realm, noting what’s working…and what’s not. This card also points to inspecting any aspect of the material plane for the purpose of improving, upgrading or scrapping: property, house, crops, investments, vehicles, furniture, clothes, decorations, flowerbeds, recipes, exteriors, hairstyle—you get the picture. What’s in dire need of a tune-up? What’s clogging up the flow of abundance (or your arteries)? What weeds are crowding out perfectly good vegetation? What might you plant, uproot, harvest—or raze altogether? – From Naked Tarot: Sassy, Stripped-Down Advice

Yesterday, I took enormous pleasure in the warm spring day, white fluffy clouds scuttling swiftly through the bright blue sky—cherry tree blossoms, purple hyacinth and yellow daffodil in full bloom around Chez Boyer.

Spring Montage

After repeated days-long cold spells, I couldn’t resist getting outside to do some yard work. Noah and I began picking up branches and twigs from the lawn. We pulled aggressive monkey vines from the pine tree. I snapped some dead branches from some of the larger bushes.

Then we, started work on the Hostas.

From April to October, Hostas are gorgeous: long, wide, vibrant green leaves spill out like a fountain. In the summer, tall, slender stalks erupt with delicate lavender flowers.

After winter, though, they leave quite a mess as you can see:

Hostas Before

Despite how it looks, the Hostas beds are easy to clean: just sweep your hand over the wilted leaves and pull. Dried stems uproot easily for the most part, but the stubborn ones get clipped by a hand shear.

This spring ritual is important to me, because the longer last year’s detritus covers the eager-to-emerge sprouts—the later the hostas bloom in full force. The dead leaves cover the early green shoots, preventing sunshine from penetrating and encouraging growth.

Not only that, leaves could become stunted and deformed.

But once you do the easy-peasy clean-up—behold! The robust green shoots are ready to greet the world—fully exposed to the sun.

Hostas After

As I worked, the 7 of Coins came to mind: I inspected our yard and decided what needed to stay—and go. Someone who tired of years of Hostas may decide to dig up the bulbs and throw them away (perish the thought!)—or perhaps give them away to another plant lover. Or, like me, they love seeing the Hostas come back every single year—bigger, badder and lovelier.

Likewise, when the 7 of Coins Tarot card comes up in our daily draws or readings, we’re being asked to evaluate some aspect of the physical realm—our eating habits, man-made structures, yard, clothing, hygiene, appearance, finances—to thoughtfully consider what is working…and what is not.

Today, ask yourself: What needs cleared out? Disposed of? Refurbished? Pruned? Planted? Cleansed? Rebooted? Any time Mercury goes Retrograde, the 7 of Coins (aka the 7 of Pentacles Tarot card), is a fantastic image and energy to focus on and cultivate. (In April 2017, Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th/10th).

-- Janet


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