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International Tarot Day July 8, 2017

I'm excited to announce the very first International Tarot Day that will take place July 8, 2017!

Int Tarot Day

Nobody "owns" this. It's a decentralized effort--a gathering Tarot enthusiasts from all over the globe to celebrate the cards. If you'd like, you can find out more about the celebration on Facebook here. You can also post about it on your Facebook page, in groups, on Twitter, at Google+, on IG...wherever you hang out. We're using the hashtag #InternationalTarotDay for the occasion.

Shonna Hill has made some free graphics you can snag here. You can also snag the image in this blog post [↑points above↑] that was made by Dax Carlisle, President/Founder of The Tarot Guild. 

Bree Ferguson is organizing a massive Blog Hop for the event; you can find out more here. Woohoo!

I'm heading up a group collaborative deck--and half of the cards have already been spoken for. Amazing! You can read the FAQ here and check out the Card Assignments here. Come share your artistry to celebrate the cards with us! 

How will you celebrate International Tarot Day? Here are some ideas:

  • Create a Spread
  • Take Selfies with All Your Decks
  • Give Free Readings to Friends and Family--or at Your Local Senior Citizens Center
  • Pass Out Your Pro Reading Cards to Strangers while Exclaiming "Happy International Tarot Day!"
  • Make a Cake or Cupcakes to Share at Your Local Tarot Meet-Up
  • Host a Free Introductory Tarot Class at Your Local Library or Other Public Locale
  • Create a Bumper Sticker, Button, Decal or Magnet--and Display It Proudly!
  • Share This Post or the FB Link to Every Tarot Enthusiast and Group You Can Think of
  • Make a Blog Post July 8th and Proclaim Your Love for Tarot
  • Post Your Favorite Tarot Card/s Every Day During the Month of July
  • Host a Tarot Picnic at Your Local Park
  • Host a Tarot Reading Fundraising Event for Your Local Favorite Charity
  • Create a Digital Majors-Only Tarot Deck with Photos Taken by You
  • Tell a Tarot Author or Artist How Much Their Work Means to You
  • Post a Review of Your Favorite Tarot Books or Decks to AMZN, GoodReads or Your Blog

What about you, fellow Tarot enthusiasts? How will you be celebrating? Have some great ideas of your own? Please share them in the comments section here!

-- Janet


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