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Teaching Tarot at Dr. Lillian Ronzio's School of Holistic Health - Approved Tarot Reader Certification

I'm thrilled to be teaching Tarot at the esteemed Dr. Lillian Ronzio School of Holistic Health in southwestern Pennsylvania November 2-5, 2017!

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The Fool. Magician. Wheel of Fortune. Justice. The Moon. For hundreds of years, the 78 cards known as Tarot have been shrouded in mystery...and misunderstanding. Now, author and deck creator Janet Boyer dispels the myths, teaching students how they can easily read Tarot once they recognize and learn the familiar archetypes contained within the cards.

What you will receive:

* Each student will be given a Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, as well as a signed copy of Janet’s first book Back in Time Tarot (her BIT Method will be one of the approaches taught in this class).

* Written test and personal, private reading test will be given to each student.

* Certification as an Approved Tarot Reader

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**CLASS ONE – November 2, 2017

11 AM - 2 PM – Intro to Tarot: Basic Tarot Structure, How People "Read" Tarot and Popular Myths

2 PM - 3 PM: Lunch

3 PM - 6 PM – Major Arcana I: Fool - Justice

**CLASS TWO – November 3, 2017

11 AM – 2 PM – Major Arcana II: Hanged Man - World

2 PM – 3 PM Lunch

3 PM - 6 PM – Minor Arcana I: Swords and Wands Suits

**CLASS THREE – November 4, 2017

11 AM – 2 PM – Minor Arcana II: Cups and Coins Suits

2 PM – 3 PM Lunch

3 PM - 6 PM – Court Cards: Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings

**CLASS FOUR – November 5, 2017

11 AM – 2 PM – Putting It All Together: Tarot Spreads and Practice Readings

2 PM – 3 PM Lunch

3 PM – 6 PM – Practice Readings and Testing (Written + Actual Reading)

Total Cost: $300 
-- Save $50 if you register before August 1st
-- Save $25 if you register before Oct 1st

Please make checks out to Janet Boyer. 


The Dr. Lillian Ronzio School of Holistic Health
275 Pleasant Valley Road
Connellsville, PA 15425
Attn: Tarot Class

More information on Dr. Lillian Ronzio's School of Holistic Health Facebook page at this link.

Hope to see you there!

-- Janet


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