Ways to Use Tarot (That Don't Involve Money Making or Promo Whoring)
A Snowland Chariot

10 Questions for Tarotist Kris Tamburrini

Kris 400
1. What's your favorite breakfast food? Without a doubt, Eggs Benedict. I never make this at home. It's too much work. But whenever I eat out, this is my go to meal. However, purists will say my version isn't really Eggs Benedict. I ask for scrambled eggs, instead of poached and bacon instead of ham. Yes, I'm that annoying customer.

2. Book you'd like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? The Harry Potter series. They have really inspired my kids.

3. What makes you laugh? Really stupid movies, like Pineapple Express (don't judge).

4. Song that never gets old? "The Love Cats" by The Cure or really any Cure song.

5. Drink of choice? Coffee. I would not survive without it.

6. Would you rather be hot or cold? Hot. The hotter the better. Can't stand the cold. And yes, I live in New England. Ironic, eh?

7. Mountain, beach, dessert or forest? Desert, thank you very much. Someday, I'll live in Arizona.

8. Favorite color? Purple

9. Best movie line? “That's not Winston”, from An American Werewolf in London

10. Last thing you splurged on? I hate spending money. Is that weird? Well, I took the kids out to breakfast (guess what I had?) and then to the movies to see Captain Underpants.

Bonus Question: How did it occur to you to use your children as Tarot characters? For many years we homeschooled. But life changes and I ended up back at work and the kids in school. But I loved and missed all the hours we spent together when we homeschooled. We always did fun and creative things. This idea was an offshoot of that. I wanted to include my kids in something that I loved. I wanted to create something that we all would be proud of and enjoy doing as a family. When I suggested creating a Tarot deck, all 5 kids eagerly agreed. And its been nothing but fun!

About Kris: I live in Massachusetts with my 5 children and wonderful husband. My kids are my inspiration. They love this Tarot project as much as me--jumping right into each character, bringing our own Tarot adventure to life .I'm a lover of everything Tarot. I spend my time teaching Tarot classes at local venues, reading at local fairs and managing my Facebook page Friends of the Tarot.


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