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Was just chatting with @MoodyThursday on Twitter. Does this convo sound familiar?

@MorningCupTarot weighed in:

In cardsIn his ahead-of-its-time-and-sadly-OOP book What's in the Cards for You?, underappreciated Tarot author Mark McElroy writes that there are FIVE main ways one can enjoy and use the cards (Creative, Educational, Magickal, Psychological, Predictive and Planning, in case you're curious). There's even a fun test that reveals the main way/s you prefer to use the cards (which may very well be out of step with your online peers or the latest slick Tarot YouTuber). 

Seriously, this is one of THE best Tarot books ever published.

But anyway! I just want to remind you fellow Tarot enthusiasts that you do NOT have to monetize your love for the cards. In fact, by trying to do so, you may very well get some major time and energy drains that will not only leak your creative juices, but also steal away your love for the cards (to the point where you're tempted to forsake this wonderful obsession entirely).

'cause I was there recently. Totes.

Despite fans asking me to return to radio or post more Tarot vids on YouTube or get back to reviewing decks/books--I just...can't. I've given years of my life to that kind of thing, and it got to the point where it sucked. As in, big, hairy balls sucked.

Could such a withdrawal cause me to lose income because of not being ever-present on social media, dazzling viewers and readers with my brilliance and wisdom (ha!)? Perhaps. Likely, in fact.

But I just got to the point where I had to trust the Universe to sell our decks, my books, classes or Tarot readings.

It's not like I didn't lay years (and acres-worth) of groundwork.

If this post speaks to you, maybe it's time to stop comparing yourself (and your output) with other Tarot enthusiasts. Unfollow, unfriend or even block, if you must. (Hey, better your mental, emotional and energetic health than to be all "in the know", jockeying for attention or trying to buddy up to an out-of-reach idol, right?).

Fall back in love with the cards. Better yet, fall back in love with yourself.

You're worth it.

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