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Creating a Tarot Strength Card

There was a last minute withdraw in the 2017 International Tarot Day Deck, so I stepped in and created a Strength card:

New Strength 400

Janet's Thoughts: Barbed wire, originally invented to contain cattle, can cause severe discomfort or serious injury when trying to pass through or over. It was the most inexpensive way to keep fence them in. Barbed wire was eventually used in combat, especially in front of trenches; you can read about its fascinating history here. In contrast, another type of strength is shown in this image: a fully intact spiderweb. While spiderwebs aren't really as strong as steel as often believed, the tensile strength (the greatest stress a material can withstand before breaking) is comparable to steel. Not only are spiderwebs strong, they are beautiful--making their way into art, sculpture, fashion and design of all types. When this card comes up in a reading, ask yourself: How am I like barbed wire? What's  "fencing me in"? What needs "fenced out"? Or how am I like a spiderweb? What am I "catching"? How am I delicate--yet strong? 

It's a fun challenge to create your OWN Tarot cards, of course, but just about anyone can search royalty-free/free-use image sites to create a Tarot card. It's not only a creative challenge, but helps you clarify how YOU feel about a particular card--and the personal keywords YOU would ascribe to it (as opposed to, say, what a book says are the correct interpretations). 

If you're crafty or love playing with paint/crayons/markers/gel pens and so on, you can create a card from scratch. Who knows? You may even become so inspired, you create our OWN Tarot deck some day!

Have you ever created your own Tarot card? Do share with me in the comments! Would love to see your creation and hear your keywords. 

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