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Hi all! I'm thrilled to be taking part in the very first International Tarot Day Blog Hop! I trust you enjoyed Trivia at The Crossroad's article on The Devil, and now, we're tackling another challenging Tarot card: The Tower. Below is The Tower chapter from my upcoming book Naked Tarot (NakedTarotbook.com)--out from Dodona Books early 2018. Enjoy!

Tower Montage
Images from the Universal Waite, Snowland Deck and Coffee Tarot

Stripped Down Overview: Your house burns down. Your partner loses her job. The accountant ran off with your life savings. A Hummer totals your Prius. We’re rarely prepared when the lightning shitastic strikes our lives. These bolts don’t always arrive on the wings of material destruction, but rather bloom in our psyche like a mushroom cloud, evaporating worn-out beliefs, demolishing shaky structures and re-routing our trajectory. One thing’s for sure: when this baby blows, there’s no going back to the way things were. The good news is that the destruction of faulty structures you’ve built—either with material goods, misplaced values or incorrect assumptions—leaves a foundation for you to rebuild upon. Make sure that bolt from the blue isn’t in vain by accepting its resulting illumination.

Keywords: Shock; Collapse; Sudden Illumination; Crisis; Disaster; Release; SNAFU; Sideswiped; Godsmacked; Shit Hitting the Fan; Obliteration of Faulty Beliefs; Leveling of Man-Made Structures

Personifications and Embodiments: Tornados; Twin Towers; Father Mychal Judge; Natural Disasters; Lighting Strikes; Demolitions; Dynamite; Dennis the Menace; Tasmanian Devil (Cartoon Character); H-Bomb; The Titanic; The Hindenberg

Quote: The best lightning rod for your protection is your own spine. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Challenge: Evaporation

Gift: Release

Occupations/Vocations: Pyrotechnics Specialist; Stunt Person; Electrician; Demolitionist; Lightning Rod Manufacturer; Telephone Lineman; Crisis Hotline Operator

Disney Totem: Wreck-It Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph)

Animal Symbol: Scorpion

Flower Essences: Rock Rose (Bach); Star of Bethlehem (Bach); Fringed Violet (Australian); Waratah (Australian)

Crystal/Stone: Fulgurite (Sand Tubes Formed by Lightning Strikes) – Fosters awakening. Eases stress. Provides impetus. Helps pull one out of emotional lows. Promotes agility of action and mental acuity.

Aromatherapy: Tarragon

Body Parts/Systems and Health Issues: Seizures; Migraines; Epilepsy

Mystical Messenger – Saint Barbara

Sabian Symbol: Aquarius 2 – An unexpected thunderstorm.

Writing Prompt: At a nighttime carnival, an electric pole crashes.

Affirmation: I can withstand any shock or surprise.

Naked Advice for The Tower

Career: If you don’t get a pink slip first, you may find yourself singing “Take This Job and Shove It” over the company intercom system. Quit now or forever hold your peace, because if you’re looking for a permission slip to burn a bridge, this is it.

Romance: Your husband asks for a divorce. You catch your boyfriend in bed with the landscaper. Your wife announces she’s a lesbian. Cue “The Break Up Song”. But if you happen to be single and unattached, Kundalini lightning will rip from your groin to your crown in a flash of mind-blowing sex.

Parenting: Expect the unexpected when it comes to your offspring. School expulsion, a report card littered with Ds, truancy—if you’ve been embroiled in your own earth-shattering dramas, shockwaves will cascade down the DNA ladder. When grownups play the game of upheaval, it’s the kids that pay.

Spirituality: When a forest fire ravages the land, the intense heat sears open seeds that would otherwise stay sealed and sterile. If there’s a silver lining to this shitty cloud, it’s the flowers that will rise out of the ashes.

Recommended Resources: Lightworker by Alex Grey; Joni (the life story of quadriplegic artist Joni Erickson Tada); Inferno (Movie); “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot

The Tower Card Layout: Smash, Grab and Release Spread

  1. What outmoded belief needs dismantled?
  2. What did I gain from my last Tower experience?
  3. How am I prepared to handle the unexpected?
  4. What needs immediate release?

I hope you all have been enjoying this very first International Tarot Day Blog Hop! Please visit Victoria (Eternal Athena Tarot)'s blog at this link next for some illuminating information about The Star. Thank you for reading!

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I've never thought about using flower essences to connect with tarot cards before. I love this idea! Thanks for the excellent post =)

Janet Boyer

Technically, you can make just about any system a set of correspondences to Tarot (as long as their applications are broad enough, and Flower Essences ARE). I'm thrilled you like the idea! I've used Bach Flower Essences for years and thought they'd make a great complement to Tarot healing. Do you use Essences, Trivia?

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