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Some portions of the online cartomanic world is aflutter over Hay House author Doreen Virtue's renouncement of Tarot cards, archangels and "pagan" gods--genres that she has profited from.

Doreen v
But, but...our Snowland Deck!

 Here's what I wrote on Facebook:

1. She can do anything she damn well pleases with products bearing her name. You're not the one who was part of their creation so you don't get a say in the matter.

2. Her religious conversion is her business; we can't know the whole story (although cartomancers LOVE to speculate on the lives and motives of authors/artists in the Mind/Body/Spirit genre).

3. She made a shitload of money because of savvy marketing and creating products that filed a need.

4. She can choose to denounce past products and forfeit profits. A part of personal growth is change, not consistency (its antithesis).

5. If you feel "grieved" or "angry"--whose fault, and problem, is that? Maybe you need to examine why you put so much faith and emotion in a person you don't even know.

6. No one forced people to buy her products, attend her workshops or get certified as an Angel Reader. Any disappointment is theirs to bear.

7. Using discussions about DV to (once again) pull out the knives on someone who's fallen out of favor with cartomancers--lost "darling" status--is not surprising...but it is disgusting. The self-righteousness!

8. Let's see YOU create products, a business, a brand. What's that? You don't know how? You don't get a say, either.

9. Everything you hurl towards DV? Turn it around. Ask yourself "How am I like that?"

All this...kerfuffle? This is what is known as a "Tower experience" in Tarot.

Removal Blog
Snowland's version of The Tower card. Yep, that's Ganesh on his hoodie! thought the The Tower was only for catastrophic illness, hurricanes or job loss?

Tower experiences are "bolts from the blue" that shake our world--usually, the world of belief.

Yeah, belief.

Anything that can be shaken will be shaken (to paraphrase the Bible). That is, you have a house built on's gonna topple eventually. (My major was in Christian theology! Sue me for the references!)

But wisdom is wisdom is wisdom.

And, now that Doreen Virtue has suddenly fallen from The Sun to The Devil via The Tower (in some people's eyes)--allow me to remind you that our eyes are best focused in the mirror (IMHO).

You know...that mirror found on the glassy, still surface of the Ace of Cups. After all, it may very well be what's inside the blasted tower (read my post from 6+ years ago on this very topic here).

I'll have more to say on this topic (a lot more)...but for now, I have a Coffee Tarot Kickstarter to work on.

Thanks for reading!

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