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Coffee Divination and Dream Symbolism

How many java junkies out there?

You, too?

Wake Up Call 400
Coffee Tarot's Version of the Judgment Card


While a cup of coffee may be a simple symbol for a morning wake-up call, it’s possible to glean information from this beloved brown elixir. This oracular practice is known as tasseomancy or tasseography.

There are several ways to use coffee for divination:

1. Notice the steam that rises from a freshly poured cup of hot coffee. What shapes do you see? What impressions do you get? Take note and write down your observations for further contemplation.

2. After pouring hot, freshly-brewed coffee in a cup, add some liquid creamer or half-and-half. Watch closely as the milky liquid “blooms”. What images form before your eyes?

3. Instead of pouring creamer in a still cup of coffee, take a spoon and swirl it around first—then add the liquid half-and-half. Record the designs emerging from this undulating mystical palette. What might the Universe be saying to you?

4. Tasseomancy usually involves Turkish coffee, which starts with Arabica beans ground even finer than espresso. When a friend of mine would go to a coffee shop that sold whole bean coffee, she’d always get raised eyebrows when asking for “Turkish grind” (that stuff is strong). She swore her coffee lasted longer that way. However, true Turkish coffee is more than just a fine grind: it’s also unfiltered. Brewing is easy: take a few teaspoons and put it in a small pot (the Turks would use a long-handled copper pot called an ibrik). Add a cup or two of water. You can also add sugar, too, if you prefer sweetness. Boil for several minutes. Take the pot off the heat. Cool for a few more minutes. Pour into your favorite cup or mug. Enjoy—but stop when you get close to the bottom so you don’t drink the grounds. Swirl around the muddy remains. What do you see? Jot down what comes to mind. Here are some symbols and what they could mean should you see them in your coffee grounds (above all, always use your intuition—and common sense):

Airplane, Boat, or Train:  An upcoming trip

Horseshoe: A sign of good luck

Branch or Twig: Social activities; fleeting friendships

Clouds: Wishes coming true; wishful thinking

Coins: Monetary prosperity

Ear: Good news

Lamp: Guidance and understanding

Hand: Assistance and help

Eyeglasses: Study the situation thoroughly; needing to see more clearly

Moon: Secrets; using intuition Mountain: An obstacle or challenge Heart: Love and passion

Knot: An argument; relationship trouble

Kite: Aspirations; high goals

Lock: Something to be solved or opened

Tear Drop: Disappointment or sadness

Numbers: Could mean a birthday, day, month, apartment number, etc.

Letters: Could represent the first letter of someone’s name relevant to the question

Octopus: Overwhelm; too much to do

Volcano: A situation about to erupt, especially involving someone with a fiery personality

Water: Intuition; cleansing

Zebra: Lack of certainty; double-mindedness

World Cafe 400
Coffee Tarot's Version of The World

Coffee Dream Symbols

If you dream of coffee—or anything related to the Holy Bean—your subconscious may be trying to tell you something. Or, if you’re inclined to experience prophetic dreams, you may be glimpsing the future.

Here’s what The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language by Briceida Ryan advises:

Coffee – Trust your instincts regarding a love affair. You will soon receive a marriage proposal if this is what you desire.

Coffee Maker – During your quiet times you will be able to develop successful plans.

Coffee Shop/House – You will enjoy brunch with someone you have wished to spend time with. This will develop into a greater relationship. Within two days, you will also begin to feel younger, will develop new vigor and greater self-esteem.

2 of Water 400

In her book In Your Dreams, Mary Summer Rain decodes these symbols as:

Coffee – Stands for persevering energy; that which enriches one’s motivations.

Coffee Beans – Depict the freshness of renewed energy; sparked motivation.

Coffee Grounds – Signify the negative aspect one leaves behind after being re-energized.

Coffee Klatch – Pertains to the emotional uplift brought by sharing restful, energizing times with others.

Coffee Mill – Refers to an aspect that has the capacity of energizing one.

Coffeepot – Illustrates a brewing situation and may indicate a percolating condition within self that advises of a rest period.

Coffee Shop – Exemplifies a rest period and the need to choose a specific manner for same.

6 Air 400

In my absolute favorite dream book, A Stream of Dreams, author Leon Nacson writes this about coffee symbolism:

Someone related a dream to me recently that left him mystified. In the dream, he gave birth to a cup of coffee! Interestingly, the birth coincided with the arrival of a new baby, his first.

Coffee is a stimulant, yet it’s also associated with having a “break”—sitting back, relaxing, and taking it easy. The dream my friend had is directly associated with his child, who’s going to provide him with a lot of fun and an excuse for a time-out, bit is also going to be a stimulating challenge.

Decided whether the coffee in your dream is stimulating you, and if so, what is it stimulating you to do? Or is it telling you to take a break and chill out? Where did you get the coffee? Home, work, or a partner? Are you being stimulated by, or do you want time off from, home, work, or your partner?

Is the brew too hot to swallow, too cold to enjoy, or just right, the aroma awakening your sense of smell and satisfying your desires? You answer will indicate how you’re experiencing life at the moment. Is the coffee you’re drinking instant, indicating that you want a quick fix? Is it espresso, indicating that you’re under extreme pressure? Or is it percolated, indicating that you need to slowly mull over and think out whatever it is you’re doing?

If you ordered a half-decaffeinated, half full-strength latte with a twist of lemon in your dream, does that indicate that you want it all?

Nine of Water 400Interesting, huh? I bet you’ll never look at coffee—or any symbolism associated with it—the same way again.

What about you, dear readers? Have you ever performed tasseomancy? Or have had your coffee grounds (or tea leaves) read? How was your experience? What about coffee dreams? Do share!

Speaking of coffee divination, my husband and I are creating a Coffee Tarot: Grande Edition that’s now on Kickstarter! Visit our project at this link and watch the video below (only FIVE days left!).


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Doreen Virtue and her Conversion


Some portions of the online cartomanic world is aflutter over Hay House author Doreen Virtue's renouncement of Tarot cards, archangels and "pagan" gods--genres that she has profited from.

Doreen v
But, but...our Snowland Deck!

 Here's what I wrote on Facebook:

1. She can do anything she damn well pleases with products bearing her name. You're not the one who was part of their creation so you don't get a say in the matter.

2. Her religious conversion is her business; we can't know the whole story (although cartomancers LOVE to speculate on the lives and motives of authors/artists in the Mind/Body/Spirit genre).

3. She made a shitload of money because of savvy marketing and creating products that filed a need.

4. She can choose to denounce past products and forfeit profits. A part of personal growth is change, not consistency (its antithesis).

5. If you feel "grieved" or "angry"--whose fault, and problem, is that? Maybe you need to examine why you put so much faith and emotion in a person you don't even know.

6. No one forced people to buy her products, attend her workshops or get certified as an Angel Reader. Any disappointment is theirs to bear.

7. Using discussions about DV to (once again) pull out the knives on someone who's fallen out of favor with cartomancers--lost "darling" status--is not surprising...but it is disgusting. The self-righteousness!

8. Let's see YOU create products, a business, a brand. What's that? You don't know how? You don't get a say, either.

9. Everything you hurl towards DV? Turn it around. Ask yourself "How am I like that?"

All this...kerfuffle? This is what is known as a "Tower experience" in Tarot.

Removal Blog
Snowland's version of The Tower card. Yep, that's Ganesh on his hoodie! thought the The Tower was only for catastrophic illness, hurricanes or job loss?

Tower experiences are "bolts from the blue" that shake our world--usually, the world of belief.

Yeah, belief.

Anything that can be shaken will be shaken (to paraphrase the Bible). That is, you have a house built on's gonna topple eventually. (My major was in Christian theology! Sue me for the references!)

But wisdom is wisdom is wisdom.

And, now that Doreen Virtue has suddenly fallen from The Sun to The Devil via The Tower (in some people's eyes)--allow me to remind you that our eyes are best focused in the mirror (IMHO).

You know...that mirror found on the glassy, still surface of the Ace of Cups. After all, it may very well be what's inside the blasted tower (read my post from 6+ years ago on this very topic here).

I'll have more to say on this topic (a lot more)...but for now, I have a Coffee Tarot Kickstarter to work on.

Thanks for reading!

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Some Favorite Recent Coffee Tarot Images

We always update our Coffee Tarot site and Facebook page with the most recent card images, but I thought I'd share a few here. Ron has only 0 images left to illustrate--7 Fire cards and the backing--as well as a recently unlocked Stretch Goal bonus card: BRAINSTORM. (All the deets on our Kickstarter page here).

And, I'm hard at work on the print companion book; over 5K words into it already, in fact!

Some of my favorite cards from the last few months:

2 of Earth 400
Look at this barista juggle!
4 of Water 400
Don't know how DaVinci would feel about God creating coffee like this, but...I think it's pretty darn cool!
6 Air 400
Guess the molecule. Go ahead, I'll wait.
8 of Earth FINAL 400
Oh, to have a Latte Pro 8.0!
7 Air 400
Strategy, ya know? Love this card. The 7 of Air gets a bad rap (which shall be rectified!)
2 of Fire
So odd...that practice of putting coffee in a saucer to cool and THEN slurping it.
10 of Air 400
Wait...I know this guy!
6 of Fire 400

Hope you enjoyed this little update. If you like what you see, head on over to our Kickstarter page here to back our Coffee Tarot project (please and thank you!). 

ICYMI, below is a vid of Ron and I talking about our love for Coffee--and this deck.

-- Janet

2017 International Tarot Day Deck Now for Sale

At last, a labor of love is completed!

Circle with URL
I and dozens of other artists from around the world contributed to the very first International Tarot Day Deck. You can see all the cards and read the bios of everyone here. To purchase this vibrant, innovative deck, click here. (It's priced affordably because we didn't make this deck for profit--we did it for the love of Tarot).

It was an honor to be a part of such a wonderful project--and work with amazingly talented and professional artists. Great job, everyone!

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