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Some Favorite Recent Coffee Tarot Images

We always update our Coffee Tarot site and Facebook page with the most recent card images, but I thought I'd share a few here. Ron has only 0 images left to illustrate--7 Fire cards and the backing--as well as a recently unlocked Stretch Goal bonus card: BRAINSTORM. (All the deets on our Kickstarter page here).

And, I'm hard at work on the print companion book; over 5K words into it already, in fact!

Some of my favorite cards from the last few months:

2 of Earth 400
Look at this barista juggle!
4 of Water 400
Don't know how DaVinci would feel about God creating coffee like this, but...I think it's pretty darn cool!
6 Air 400
Guess the molecule. Go ahead, I'll wait.
8 of Earth FINAL 400
Oh, to have a Latte Pro 8.0!
7 Air 400
Strategy, ya know? Love this card. The 7 of Air gets a bad rap (which shall be rectified!)
2 of Fire
So odd...that practice of putting coffee in a saucer to cool and THEN slurping it.
10 of Air 400
Wait...I know this guy!
6 of Fire 400

Hope you enjoyed this little update. If you like what you see, head on over to our Kickstarter page here to back our Coffee Tarot project (please and thank you!). 

ICYMI, below is a vid of Ron and I talking about our love for Coffee--and this deck.

-- Janet


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