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Coffee Tarot Now Shipping!

Our Coffee Tarot (funded with Kickstarter) is now shipping to non-backers!

Coffee Tarot Cover

Deck comes with 78 Cards + 4 Elemental Significators + Hand-Sewn Bag + .pdf of Keywords, plus free access to our secret Coffee Tarot Club Facebook Group.  My husband, Ron Boyer, created all images by hand (watercolor pencil)--co-conceived/formatted by me. We're shipping out RIGHT NOW, so you may want to grab yours to have a lovely, new, innovative deck to use during the winter holidays or to give as a gift.  Cost for everything: Only $59.95. 

Majors Kickstarter Coffee Tarot Earth Suit Coffee Cups Suit Coffee Air Cards Coffee Tarot Coruts
International folks, please add an extra $25 to your order. You may PayPal your order to http://paypal.me/boyercreations or go through http://CoffeeTarotDeck.com (where you may also see all the completed cards). A true labor of love we're thrilled to bring to the cartomantic community!

-- Janet


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