2018 Tarot Journal - A Minor Arcana Journey
Inspiring Alien Unboxes the Coffee Tarot--All the Way from Finland!

Naked Tarot Is HERE!

Well...sort of

Actually, it's a dozen author copies of Naked Tarot! SQUEE! Here's some pics:

SAM_1846 SAM_1853

SAM_1847 SAM_1848 SAM_1850
To say I'm thrilled would be the understatement of the year. Dodona  Books did a bang up job; I'm so proud (and happy!) to be published by them. 

Alas, the actual pub date for Naked Tarot isn't until September 26, 2018--so you'll have to wait about 9 months to get a copy in your hot little hands. 

As soon as AMZN puts it up for pre-sale, I'll let you know!

-- Janet


Gaëlle Pennequin

September looks soooo far away in time and I can't wait (but I'll have to :) ). I really really look forward to your book, I have the intuition that it will be THE book. Thank you for your great work!

Janet Boyer

Why thank you, Gaelle! I hope Naked Tarot exceeds your expectations. :o) September will be here before we know it. Appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to post!

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