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Tarot Decks, Books and Oracles for Sale Including OOP Slow Holler

Hi all! I'm having a massive sale on Facebook right now (and a few on eBay). Just want to clear my shelves of -as-new goodies so they can find appreciative homes. Click here to visit my Facebook Even page and here to visit my eBay page. Some things I'm selling include the now OOP Slow Holler Tarot (with Metallic Cloth), as well as a First Edition Prisma Visions Tarot (with Strawberries Card) by James Eads. Here's some pics:

Slow holler montage Tarot Sale Montage PrismaVisionsTarotCollage SAM_2052 SAM_2053 SAM_2051 SAM_2049 SAM_2054


JB Crop 200

Tarot and Occult Detectives - Jim Harold's Paranomal Podcast

Honored to be on Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast once again!

This time, I talked about affecting your reality with Tarot cards (or, as Jim astutely noted, using Tarot as a transmitter instead of the usual receiver)--which happens to be the topic of my newest eBook.

In a fun twist of fate, the second half of the show happens to feature my friend, the renowned occult researcher Judika Illes, as she talks about her newest book Occult Detectives.

Listen in (or download) below!

  JB Crop 200