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Crowdfunded Tarot Decks, Mystical Curiosities and Other Goodies (March 2018)

Add to cart smallerHey guys!

Once in a while, I share crowd-funded Tarot deck and oracles here--exceptional ones that I've admired and backed.

I posted this funny "Add to Cart" meme on Facebook (Amazon and Etsy, anyone?), and Bonnie made this comment: Have this addiction to both tarot decks and yarn. Have Amazon, Ravelry, Etsy open..hope between reading about the deck, book, pattern or fiber and adding it to the cart. Only regret, do not hear about some crowd sourced decks until too late! You did a great job of making us aware of yours!

So, every month, I plan on posting Tarot decks, oracles, mystical curiosities, creativity boosters and other cools creations that have caught my attention on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. 99% of what I post, I will have backed. I'm what is known as a Kickstarter "Superbacker"--so  I'm a firm believer in being a Patron of the Arts and supporting fellow entrepreneurs that are bringing healing, beauty, comfort, whimsy and ease into the world.

In other words, I put my money where my mouth is.

Here's the first batch of goodies for you to drool over (and yes...whisper "I need to stop" as you click "become a backer". Ha!). 

Considerate Cat Tarot by Madeleine Belanger - Ending April 4, 2018 

Be Your Beauty Art Book Featuring the Surreal Art of Aquasixio by Hill Schroder - Ends April 5, 2018

Boxie Pet Home for Cats and Dogs - Ends April 7, 2018


 Tarotwave - An Aesthetic Inspired Tarot Deck by McKenna - Ends April 11, 2018


Enamel Pins: Zodiac Constellations by Ivy Chan - Ends April 12, 2018

Narata Storytelling Cards: Brainstorm Your Story by Kent Jensen - Ends April 19, 2018

Magic of Prophecy Tarot by Eye Psychics - Ends April 22, 2018

Bloom Playing Cards by Edgar Montoro - Ends April 23, 2018  

If you follow me on Kickstarter, you'll know as soon as I back something (should your taste be similar to mine). I've backed a few projects on IndieGoGo, but I tend to like/trust projects on Kickstarter much better.

I have to say, this appears to be the Golden Age of Tarot (and Oracle!) Decks. I'm so excited about the inventive, innovative directions that cartomancy is heading--especially as evidenced by crowdfunding projects and Etsy listings. In fact, I think it's been about two years (!) since I've bought a mass-market deck for myself.

Why? Well, commercially available decks tend to be same-o, same-o Rider-Waite-Smith clones (yawn). Independently produced decks take more artistic risks--usually sporting superior card stock, better boxes, lovely extras (bookmarks, signed prints, digital wallpapers, etc.) and a personal touch.

Indie database 300I'm so passionate about indie creators, I even have a database for cartomantic enthusiasts. Click here to take a peek. If you're favorite deck isn't listed--or you're a deck-creator that would like to be included--please feel free to let me know in the comments section below, through my Tarot Maven Facebook Page or email me through my website JanetBoyer.com.

And if you find out about a cool project on Kickstarter on IndieGoGo, by all means let me know that, too! I'm way too busy to keep up on every new project out there--so do be my eyes and ears. 

Enjoy the goodies! I plan on making a crowdfunding post once a month (at least). And let me know if you end up backing one or more of my suggestions so we can SQUEE! together.

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